27 Pets That Don’t Want to Act Like Ordinary Animals

3 years ago

Have you ever seen your pet in a strange pose? For example, a dog that doesn’t know whether it wants to sit or lie down or a cat that can disappear while lying on a rug. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, we recommend looking through these pictures.

Bright Side has collected 27 photos that will make you ask, “What’s going on in their heads?”

27. “She’s OK, she always sits like this.”

26. No need to worry about this cat. He’s OK too.

25. Happiness is surveying your kingdom while being held by a peasant.

24. “My friend’s dog has a strange habit.”

23. When you want to sleep in 2 different poses:

22. The advantages of having long legs

21. When you practice all day in the mirror:

20. “Pupper was too lazy to decide if she wanted on or off the chair.”

19. “I just wanted to have a snack!”

18. He feels great and that’s all that matters.

17. “My pupper got stuck between the cushions and was too lazy to get out.”

16. “My cat likes to ride on my shoulder while I’m painting. She got a little heavy and doesn’t fit very well up there anymore. This is her current solution...”

15. “My dog will do anything to catch her tail.”

14. Something went wrong.

13. When you’re small, you can fall asleep anywhere.

12. When your cat sleeps in the strangest poses:

11. When your legs are growing faster than your body:

10. This cat looks like it just heard a shocking secret.

9. Who knows how to fix a dog?

8. Why is he so dissatisfied?

7. “My dog broke into his food bin, ate it all, and fell asleep.”

6. Camouflaged

5. When your emotions run wild:

4. Magic paws

3. This dog sits like a human.

2. Don’t worry, his paw is fine.

1. The comfiest sleep position ever!

Does your pet have a weird habit? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit aaavril/ imgur, MattMaskery/ imgur


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