27 Photos That Prove the Universe Has Its Own Plan for Each of Us

4 years ago

Sometimes, we come across little incidents that truly amaze us with their weirdness. At such times, we tend to question everything we've ever known. But we have to accept that these are not the cases where we'll receive a clear answer as to what or how or why this happened. Only a few people can set aside their bewilderment and take out their camera to take a photo. The people who took the following photographs are still not sure what they really saw.

Bright Side gathered 27 absurd photos that prove we can't completely understand the laws of our world.

It's hard to imagine what might be written next...

Safety first. Always.

"Attention! New door code: 157"

"There it is! I've been looking for it for a week!"

We wonder, why would someone need this miniature pack of pasta?

"This is how they brought 50 ft of wire to us."

We have so many questions about this perfume and cosmetics advertisement.

It's 8:30 AM. This lady is carrying this giant concrete semi-sphere across the street. Why?

These are little olive oil bottles. You can use them with that tiny pack of pasta!

It looks like the London stonemasons got really bored.

A big trash container filled with little trash cans

As soon as you approach this bench in a park, you realize that you're not that tired and can keep walking.

Even the fortune cookies can have bad days sometimes.

"I put my potato masher in the washing machine – the handle fell apart and I found another handle underneath!"

It's either an entrance to Narnia or we've finally found out where all the socks were hiding after being washed.

The entrance to "The Sliding Door Company."

We don't feel like drinking from these cups.

"I think we should call the police before moving into this building."

This cat looks like a cappuccino.

"Looks like my dog is about to join the dark side."

It's not fun anymore.

The seagull is resting after fishing. Keep scrolling.

"Hurry up! My work is on fire!"

"Now I know why this T-shirt was on sale."

A cat. Camouflage level: God.

"I won't ask my husband to make my lunch again."

It's hard to imagine what creatures inspired the designers of these mannequins.

We have only two questions: how and why?

We're sure that these photos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to weird photos. Do you have any of your own? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit kmonte1313 / twitter


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