28 Photos of Samoyeds That Left a Paw Print on Our Hearts

4 years ago

Samoyeds are an ancient dog breed. They originated about 3,000 years ago. And since then they haven’t stopped winning people over with their smile, fluffiness, and spontaneity. They are like polar bears, only much friendlier. And they’re not just dogs, they’re family members.

We at Bright Side can’t resist the charm of Samoyeds. And we challenge you to try not to melt when you see these fuzzies.

1. A pup is always a pup. Even if it looks like a bear.

2. Buddies should support each other.

3. Hoooman, we want to eat!

4. “When you accidentally open the front camera but you’re cute, so it doesn’t matter.”

5. Puppies love shopping.

6. There’s a bear on the carpet!

7. “I fall asleep better in daddy’s hands.”

8. Who can resist singing along?

9. 2 dogs are better than one.

10. Sleeping beauty

11. There is no such thing as too many puppies.

12. Even dogs make a wish before blowing the candles out.

13. These glamour girls want to go for a ride.

14. “Dad, tell us that funny story one more time.”

15. “I’m fluffy and I know it.”

16. “Is this what heaven looks like?”

17. After some fun games in the yard...

18. Can you spot the dog?

19. “What a tasty stick!”

20. Mom will always carry her tired baby.

21. “Hooman, what did you bring for us?”

22. “I didn’t do it.”

23. Truth of life

24. Swings make me happy!

25. Snowdog

26. Cuteness overload

27. “Give me one more kiss!”

28. Parking guards

Have you ever had a Samoyed? What is your favorite dog breed? Feel free to tell us your opinion in the comments.


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I'm afraid if you live in a cold country and get this dog, you might lose it in the snow one day ?


#20 - this big boy doesn't even realize he is not a puppy anymore :D


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