28 Pictures That Prove Parenting Is a Blast

4 years ago

Our lives would be extremely boring without children, but parents know how to have fun too! Parents love to have a little fun with their kids, helping their lives to be more adventurous and exciting.

Bright Side has collected 28 hilarious stories about kids that are definitely worth sharing with your family at the dinner table tonight.

"If picking nose with fingers is impolite, I will do it with my toe."

"This is what 5 minutes of silence looks like."

A kiss to remember.

"Every time I fall asleep, he takes funny pictures on my webcam."

"My dad about to sacrifice my brother to the water gods."

"My kid wanted to be a campfire."

"We left her alone for FIVE minutes!"

"She asked for the biggest pizza they had."

"My daughter decided that bath paint is the best toy to play with in the bath."

"My husband sent me a photo of him trying to put down our baby while I was out."

"A carnival swing ride is a great place to take selfies with the kids."

"Dad graduated with his Master's today and we decided to repeat the photo."

"My mom paid $50 for a cool school picture and she got this."

"She was so excited for her first day of school until she realized I couldn't stay with her."

"What are my parents doing?"

Need to visit the supermarket with kids? Not a problem!

"My mom showing off her parenting skills in 1978."

"I have no idea how my 2-year-old daughter got there."

"I have two young daughters. About once a week I find our cat like this."

"I survived my daughter's 7th birthday party!"

"It seems that he did not like our trip to Niagara Falls."

"Before bed, my daughter put a grow-a-pony into a bowl of water. I replaced it with this."

"My son says I look like Ironman when I wear a diaper on my head."

The everyday life of a parent.

"They say as a parent, going to the bathroom is the only alone time you get."

"He just spilled his crackers and without saying a word he went and grabbed the Swiffer to clean it up."

"My mom's graduation vs my graduation."

"My sister shaved my nephew's head and then sent me all these pictures."

Do you have funny stories with your children? Or have your parents told you something interesting from their time growing up? We would be glad to hear about them in the comments!


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