30 Pictures Proving Dogs Make This World Brighter

5 years ago

It is really hard to resist dogs. They always ask for love and attention and always get what they want. They’re too charming to say, “no” to!

Every nose, every tail, every happy look — there are experienced manipulators hide behind this beauty. Dogs know how to make a person smile. Bright Side doesn’t recommend to resist this and here’s why!

“I’m always there for you, my human.”

The emotions of a dog that is about to leave the shelter and get a new home!

“Yes, I’m big, so what?”

“He helped mow the grass.”

“This is for you!”

“Who is my little princess?”

Sleeping beauty in reality

“He’s not allowed on the couch.”

“Time for a walk” mode activated.

“Do you think Jack and Rose would fit on that raft?”

They can be quite surprising!

“I pretended to throw the ball but the dog realized I lied...”

“The cutest thing I’ve ever seen at the airport”

It’s too late to change anything.

This guy deserves an Oscar!

“Now he looks like a monster.”

Someone likes Jurassic Park way too much...

“I ate some seeds, found a place, and let them go. This pumpkin is for you!”

Always seeking maximum comfort and chill

A little spy

Awkward moments with personal space

“Do you have a ball?”

Love is everywhere.

A babysitter

Everyone loves hugs!

If you have such a friend, you’re a happy person.

So much cuteness in one photo!

Being alone? Forget about it.

You will never regret it if you just give up and do what your dog wants.

“I love you so much.”

Bonus: And when they pass, we miss them so much...

Which of these photos did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side


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If the dog jumping in a canoe full speed was bigger, the picture would be called ONE SECOND BEFORE DISASTER


I have to go and give my doggie a hug now❤️ all of them are so cute!


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