30+ TikTok Products That Are So Cool and Trendy Everyone Wants Them, and You Will Too

year ago

Yep, TikTok is about to make you buy a lot of cool things. AGAIN! The good news is that tons of people are obsessed with them, and they can’t all be wrong. You’ll find useful problem solvers and cute things that will inject more joy into your days. Check them out!

1. An instant carpet spot remover that will clean anything from pet pee-mergencies to ink and spilled cosmetics. You just need to spray it on, wait for it to dry, and then vacuum it off. The good thing is that it won’t take the color out of your carpet, it’ll just remove the stain. PLUS, it’s odor-free.

Its magic doesn’t stop at carpets. For example, you can use it as a stain remover on all your clothes before washing them or apply it to a dirty piece of furniture that has been a thorn in your side for too long:

Promising review: I remember being completely dumbfounded by my pencil eraser as a kid. Where did the marks go? I looked in the air. I looked under my paper. What’s it made of? Does it have to be pink?
This carpet cleaner caused the same dumbfounded confusion when “spray, rub, gone” actually worked. I’ve obviously lost some of my childhood curiosity over the years because I didn’t try to figure out how the carpet stain disappeared. Who cares? It’s gone! I practically skipped to the next room to try it out. The memory smudge of food, footprints, and dog vomit. Gone. It even worked SOMEWHAT on the decade-old mystery stain left behind by the previous owners that professional carpet cleaning couldn’t remove.
How does it work? I don’t care.
What are the ingredients? Pixie dust and incantation.
Where did all the stains go? Away. @Mim

Check out this bottle in action on TikTok here

2. This facial roller is made from real volcanic stone that instantly absorbs excess grease and oil from your skin. This is the secret to a fresh look without the greasy shine. Apply it to a clean or prepared face and it won’t ruin your makeup.

This roller is very easy to use. Just gently roll it over your T-zone or any zone where your skin looks oily. That’s it. It’ll feel like a mini massage while swiping it across your face. You can use it many times and it cleans up easily.
To clean the roller, rotate its ring and remove the stone. Wash with a mild detergent, rinse, and dry.

Promising review: I have oily skin. I was at work, had this in my purse, and decided to try it out with photo proof. OMG! It literally took seconds to do and didn’t hurt. My makeup was still intact and the oil disappeared. It was totally worth it! @Christina Libardos

Check out this roller in action on TikTok here

3. A foot mask that will clear up 3 problems from your life: cracked heels, calluses, and dryness. Yep, you can get smooth baby feet THAT easily — just soak, apply, and wash.


  • Soak your feet in water for 10–20 minutes
  • Wear the socks for 90 minutes

The peeling process will take about 5–7 days. Afterward, you can enjoy the results. We bet you won’t be able to stop touching your feet.

!! Avoid sunlight exposure or apply SPF 50. Patch test before use. Avoid contact with eyes. Don’t force peeling. Consult with a doctor before use if pregnant. !!

Papaya will cleanse and purify your skin. It’s a superhero that takes callus removal head-on. It sheds off impurities alongside dead skin cells and keeps your feet’s skin texture radiant and clean.

Aloe vera will moisturize and soften your skin. And actually, it’s a key ingredient. Thanks to its healthy antioxidants, it is excellent for keeping your skin moisturized while it goes through the peeling process.

And peach kernel will regenerate your skin cells faster. Plus, its healthy acids also maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

Promising review: Oh my goodness! Whatever you do, plan ahead! My biggest mistake was wearing strappy sandals on day 5 of this treatment. I looked down in horror at my exposed feet in my pretty sandals on a sunny day whilst out this weekend and was horrified to see huge peels of dead skin hanging off my toes and heels! Be sure to cover your feet whilst going through this process — I wish I wore ankle boots with my dress instead of sandals! How embarrassing! However, I cannot deny the effectiveness of this product. I’ve used files/electric files plus lots of foot-softening creams for years, but nothing, absolutely nothing, has given me these results.
I have to add that, as I’m not a rule follower, I would probably not have read and stuck to the instructions had it not been that I was apprehensive about spending just over £15 on this.
Because of the cost, I decided I really should adhere to the letter. So yes, I soaked my feet for a long time before putting on the “gel booties.” I left them on for 90 minutes and religiously soaked my feet every night for 7 days. The results have been more than worth it. My feet look so different! Literally, a soft, new version — even changing the contours due to the effectiveness of the peel.
I have new feet!!!!! @Cindy

Check out this foot mask in action on TikTok here

4. This is the safest electric lighter since it does not produce any flame. You can even use it in strong winds. And thanks to the long handle, you don’t have to worry about burns.

To use the lighter, push the sliding safety key and then press the ignition switch. The lighter has an automatic shutoff after 7 seconds to provide extra protection, and the hood is made of flame-retardant material to protect your fingers. It charges via USB and is available in different colors.

Promising review: I bought this because of all the rave reviews on TikTok and WOW. It is so good. It lights the wick so fast. I charged it for a few hours, and I can’t believe that’s all it needs. Charged, then it can light candles. I’m a HUGE candle lover, and I usually use matches or a gas canister lighter, but this will change the game. No more refilling gas canisters or buying matches and burning my hand! So happy with this, not to mention it’s super cute in gold! @georgia chase

Check out this lighter in action on TikTok here

5. A set of matte hair claw clips that reviewers can’t stop raving about. They will become your fav choice on those days when having your hair down feels like, “Oh, no.” They fit any hair type and can match many outfits.

What’s good about these clips is that they may be your lifesavers during routine tasks. Wear them when you wash your face, do your morning beauty routine, do sports, cook, or clean your house. They’re so lightweight that wearing them all day long won’t give you a headache.

Promising review: I highly recommend them as they are just perfect in size, they are sturdy but delicate, and they don’t get loose after being used. I bought them for myself a while ago, and now I bought another box to give as a present to my mom and sister because they are one-of-a-kind! @fiorella

Check out these hair clips in action on TikTok here

6. This switch button pusher is the simplest way to make your home smart. When you’re too busy, lazy, or tired, it’ll automatically turn on the lights, TV, humidifier, coffee machine, kettle, and many other things according to the schedule you set in the app.

It’ll free your hands, so you can take care of your baby, fluffy friend, and routine stuff or just help you avoid any fight over who forgot to switch the light off in the bathroom again. You can even reach out to the gadgets that are kept hidden away in a different room. If you happen to have SwitchBot Hub, good news for you! You can control your switcher remotely from anywhere, PLUS enable voice control. It works well with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Promising review: I’ve had a lot of smart devices in my life, and I can honestly say this one is exactly what a smart device should be.
The bot: First, the bot itself. It feels pretty solid, has nice matte black plastic, so it won’t sheen off every light, and comes with a preinstalled 3M sticky backing. It came with a plastic protector on it too, which is a nice thought. (It has a replaceable battery too!!)
Set-up: I’m not joking here, I pulled out the battery tab, opened the app, and pressed on the little ’+’ symbol to add a new device. It was instantly there, waiting to be paired. It asked me the name of the bot, and that was it. Added!
Is it strong enough to press a stiff button? I had that thought too. I used this on my air-con, which has one of those stiff membrane buttons that usually needs to be pressed twice as the first press always misses, but when I activated this in my hand, I felt it push down with a fair amount of force. I stuck the bot on my air-con unit and BAM! It works 100% of the time.
I tend to always be fair and try to give some negatives, but I really can’t think of any in this case. The bot does exactly as it says on the box — it pairs quickly, it looks nice, and thanks to having a replaceable battery, I don’t have to worry about charging it.
5/5 product for me, and I will be buying more. @Alex

Check out this switch pusher in action on TikTok here

7. A bag sealer that will re-close any snack bag you can’t finish in one go. It’s a must-have if you want to avoid waste and mold growth, and if you strive to keep your food fresh and tasty. It’ll also save you a fortune on food with open packaging, which usually dries out too quickly.

Forget about those bag clips forever (to be honest, we believe that they still let some air in.) And there is a nice surprise for you. Actually, it’s a 2-in-1 gadget. It has a razor blade at the bottom for opening snack bags or any other boxes.

Promising review: It’s simple to use and does not take up much storage space. Does the job in seconds. So far, so good. Been sealing all the bags I could find. Wasn’t sure why there needed to be a built-in knife, but now I realize the idea. Happy with the purchase, hope it lasts. @Lesley

Check out this sealer in action on TikTok here

8. A makeup brush that will guarantee your makeup ends up even, smooth, and flawless thanks to its diamond-shaped design. Its soft bristles allow for the perfect distribution of makeup products on your skin. The brush is suitable for both professional makeup artists and beginners!

How it works: Use this brush to apply your makeup products (BB cream, liquid foundation, blush, or concealer) on your skin for a flawless result. The brush is also super easy to clean, and it comes together with a protective case that will keep your brush protected from dirt and bacteria.

Promising review: Brilliant product, so soft, and works exactly as advertised, don’t need to use half as much foundation since it spreads it beautifully! May even purchase another one! Absolutely love it! @Rachael C.

Check out a similar item in action on TikTok

9. A drink holder that will protect you against injuries and accidental spills (and subsequent cleaning) on your floor, couch, armchair, or recliner if you love to rest your cup on the arm of the sofa. You can also use it as a baby bottle holder when you wish you had another pair of free hands.

This coaster can hold a variety of mugs, cups, flasks, and tumblers. Plus, it comes with an adapter that makes it possible to fit smaller drinkware like bottles and cans. While the holder is designed to wrap over armrests measuring at least 5.5″ / 14 cm wide, you can lay it horizontally, tuck it between seat cushions and pillows, or drape it over the back rest on any other upholstery.

It also works for cars that don’t have built-in cup holders:

Promising review: I bought this as a sort of joke present for my boyfriend, as a couple of days before he had a few drinks on the lounge floor and knocked them over. I think I can safely say it’s the best present I have ever bought him! He uses it every single day. It perfectly fits his favorite glass, which is a bonus. It’s really sturdy and has stopped many spills already. I think it could be a little bit cheaper, but to be honest, with the amount of use it gets, it’s definitely worth it in our house. @Feplee

Check out this cup holder in action on TikTok here

10. A portable mini vacuum that will end your “I’m fed up with a dirty and messy desk” problem. It’ll easily suck up all the dust, crumbs, and pet hair. And not only from your working space but also from your bed (yay, bed-eaters!), sofa, car, and even keyboard. It works very quietly and fits in the palm of your hand.

This mini vacuum is powered by 2 AA batteries. Keep in mind that they aren’t included in the package. To avoid damage, the continuous work time shouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes. Keep your fingers away from the hole in the bottom while it’s working. Children should use it only under adult supervision.

Kitties won’t have a chance to turn your home into a fluffy cave:

Promising review: This is a great tool to quickly use to pick up dust around my desk. The suction was good for my main purpose — dust, but I’ve seen other reviews that say the suction wasn’t strong enough for them. Make sure the filter is on correctly. That may have been their issue. Works well for my needs. @Amazon Customer

Check out this mini vacuum cleaner in action on TikTok here

11. A tissue box holder that will provide you with an easy (and LOLable) way to grab a tissue to blow your nose or wipe away your tears. It’ll also serve as a beautiful decoration in your home or office if you don’t want to use it as a cover. It’ll look great next to a plant collection and will compliment a botanical interior style.

The Moai tissue box holder has all the features of the original Moai (but with a fun twist). It’s even made of a special resin that resembles the volcanic rock like the original statues on Easter Island. The natives of the island believe that the spirits of the people whom the statues were built to honor watch over the tribe and bring good fortune. Who knows, maybe this small copy will bring some luck to you too.

Promising review: He is so much fun. He is larger than expected, but very happy with the purchase. He is a good weight, definitely not flimsy, and he looks great. Some tissue boxes have to be shoved in a little, but no biggie. They defo don’t fall out. I happen to use him in my home office, and he wears my headset when I’m not on a call. Functional and amusing @Butterfly

Check out this tissue holder in action on TikTok here

12. A stove cover that will add some extra space to your kitchen. What’s good about it is that you’ll be able to use it not only as counter space for your slow cookers, bread makers, grills, or other kitchen stuff but also as a cutting board.

  • The cover is made from natural bamboo. It’s strong yet lightweight and will resist moisture and minimize cut marks without dulling knives. Also, there is a built-in juice groove so that liquids don’t spill over the edge and make a mess that is difficult to clean.
  • Its legs can slide up to 3.5 inches, allowing you to find the best position around stove burners.
  • It’s very easy to take care of this cover — just hand wash it and dry it with a cloth.

Check out the ways other people use this cover:

1. As an extra space for different kitchen stuff:

2. As a food display during parties:

3. As a coaster for hot dishes:

You can also put it over your sink when you need the stove or use it as a stylish serving tray.

By the way, bamboo is a renewable resource and is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. It requires little maintenance to farm (as it doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides) and very little water to grow. So, if you want to stick to environment-friendly principles, this cover totally fits them.

Promising review: We were short on counter space, so I asked my husband if he could make me a cutting block for over the stove. By chance, I looked on Amazon and found this one. The price was reasonable, as I knew it would have taken many hours for my hubby to craft such a thing, and it would never have looked as nice as this does. It’s awesome for adding extra counter space in a small kitchen. I bought some cutting board oil and wax to seal it first, and it looks great. I have to reapply the oil about once a week with heavy use, and re-wax about once a month. Water beads up on it, and it wipes clean easily. The adjustable legs slide in and out to accommodate the burner placements on different stoves. It was very easy to assemble and attach the legs; just follow the included instructions, or there is a video on YouTube that shows you how to install them. I get compliments on the cutting board from everyone who sees mine, and I know a few more have been sold to people who have seen it. @Joelle

Check out this cover in action on TikTok here

13. A silicone exfoliating lip brush that is capable of making your lips fuller and smoother in practically no time! The brush is gentle enough for daily use, and you will get 4 brushes in 4 different colors in the package. The non-irritating silicone that these brushes are made of is safe to use and easy to clean.

How it works: Apply some lip scrub, gently exfoliate your lips with the brush in circular motions, and let the little bristles do their work! Wipe your lips clean with a tissue afterward.

Promising review: Wasn’t sure if these would be any good but they are fab. Been so conscious of yucky chapped lips in winter (no amount of lip balm works!). Used these with and without a scrub, and the results are brilliant. I’ll be keeping one in my bag when out and about. They are individually wrapped, so that’s great for hygiene. I thought they would be tiny but they are a bit bigger than expected. @lee

Check out a similar item in action on TikTok

14. With this waterproof holder, you can use your cell phone in the kitchen, shower, bathroom, pool, and anywhere else your phone needs to stay dry. Just attach it to the wall and enjoy!

The case is compatible with almost all phone models. However, check the product description to make sure your phone will fit in. It maintains original response and touch sensitivity and is designed to switch freely at any suitable angle to watch videos, TikTok, make phone calls, or play music without taking out your phone.

Promising review: Needed this to be able to watch my kids while getting things done, like washing dishes, and it truly helps. It sticks perfectly to glass or plastic, doesn’t muffle the sound, and you’re still able to touch it with wet hands. @Gisselle Castro Gutierrez

Check out this case in action on TikTok here

15. This foam hand wash will add a pinch of joy to handwashing. It’s an easy way to encourage your kids to clean their hands more often because every time they pump the dispenser, they’ll get the perfect amount of foam in the shape of the Yuzu flower.

It’s formulated with traditional Japanese ingredients — vitamin C-rich Yuzu extract and soothing rice water — known for their power to nourish, brighten, and visibly plump skin with moisture. The soap features the fresh, uplifting citrus fragrance of Yuzu fruit.

Promising review: I will admit, I first saw this soap on TikTok and thought that it would be a nice soap to try since I do seem to be washing my hands all the time these days. I was so excited when I received it to give it a try, just to see the pretty foam flower. I was very pleasantly surprised when I pushed down (twice) to get the foam to come out, and not only is the flower cute, but the foam is thick and luxurious and makes your hands feel totally moisturized after you wash them. The smell is very pretty and not overpowering at all. My teenager loves it too and is now finally washing her hands more, like she was supposed to. I bought them for every bathroom in the house, as well as the kitchen. The fact that it’s really hands-free is also a real plus in this time of being extra sanitary. I almost don’t want to recommend it, so they don’t run out of stock! @Audra Williams

Check out this foam hand soap in action on TikTok here

16. A bed tent that can serve many purposes. You can create a private space anywhere, split large rooms into one-person suites, turn your bed into a “me-only” space with reduced light and noise to have a better rest, and even create a fun fort around the bed or a play tent to have fun with your kids.

The tent has 4 entrances for easy access and fresh air. All of them can be zipped and closed to reduce unwanted light. The special fabric allows you to see out while no one will be able to see you. There are pockets inside, so you can organize your space wisely, and a hook in case you wanna hang a lamp to create a cozy space.

It’s very easy to set up and take down as it features a pop-up frame and shock-corded poles. It literally takes no longer than a minute.

It’s so homey and secure that some guests may come uninvited:

Promising review: I purchased this tent for my son as a gift for his 10th birthday 3 months ago. I wanted to wait to do the review to see how well it held up against a little nerdy ninja, sleep-brawling mini giant, and a crazy wiener dog that enjoys burrowing and throwing down. It arrived 2 days late, but it was totally worth the wait!! In my opinion, this is the best gift I have randomly decided I absolutely must get for someone in a very long time. It can comfortably fit our doggo, my son, and myself, even on his twin bed! It is multipurpose. He is a lover of books and tends to use it as a reading nook after school. We placed 2 battery-operated camping lights inside for reading at any time and 2 on the outside to use with the ones inside the tent for when he reads in it at night, and it provides the perfect amount of light without eye strain. I love that it has a little storage bag for his journaling and drawing he enjoys doing inside this amazing hideaway. My child is also a very wild sleeper and enjoys having our dachshund sleep with him until he dozes off, which is usually after a super Saiyan smackdown between the both of them. I highly recommend this tent to anyone that has a child who has a difficult time winding down, an adult that needs a little space to relax, or even a space-invading wiener dog. @ENIGMA

Check out this tent in action on TikTok here

17. Magnetic face mask that can work miracles on your skin and turn your skincare routine into pure fun! The anti-aging formula of the mask will nourish your skin and improve its ability to heal itself. The magnetic mask also helps clean clogged pores and remove excess oil, making the skin look smoother.

How it works: Apply the mask onto your face following the instructions and let it work for about 5–10 minutes. Cover the magnet (it is included in the package) with a piece of tissue, move the magnet over the surface of your skin, and see how the mask gets “caught” by the magnet and removed from your face!

Promising review: I love this, it is fun to do! It smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling soft! It can be a bit messy trying to put it on but fun using the magnet to remove the mask. @Steffi

Check out a similar item in action on TikTok

18. This mat for any physical activity is definitely more handy than usual because it’s foldable! It will take up little space in your gym bag.

The mat has a memory foam-type feel, which acts to cushion pressure points and make you comfortable. To ensure you’re absolutely safe, the mat has imitation octopus suckers at the bottom that firmly grip the floor without slipping.

Promising review: So good for an indoor or outdoor workout. The added bag is also pretty cool. My personal trainer thought it was cool, and since it folds, there is no need to worry about corners not going straight. @Tricia M

Check out this mat in action on TikTok here

19. A magic mushroom that will give you a fun solution to those “I-wanna-pull-my-hair-out” moments. Yep, it’ll turn the nerve-wracking activity of transferring liquid from one container to another into a fun one, leaving your entire kitchen mess-free!

You can use it as a nice decoration, a bottle stopper, or turn it into a funnel with a flip and get the job done. It has multipurpose magic as it fits different containers (and even mugs!) and can be used with a lot of products.

To clean it, just wash it with soap and rinse it with water. And yes, it’s also dishwasher safe.

Promising review: Looks great, durable silicone material, and is easy to clean. What’s not to like? @Flora

Check out this magic mushroom in action on TikTok here

20. A triangular powder puff that will help you apply makeup evenly, leaving a smooth surface instead of creases. This puff is suitable for both wet and dry makeup products and you will get 2 puffs in the package. The puffs come with straps for an easier and more comfortable grip.

How it works: If you often notice creases under your eyes and in eye corners when you apply makeup, this powder puff can become a real game changer for your makeup routine. Use it to apply powdered or liquid concealer and see the difference! The triangular shape helps the puff to distribute the product on your skin more evenly and helps your makeup look flawless!

Promising review: After seeing those viral powder puffs on TikTok, I wanted to give them a try so I found these that are as good as the ones that everyone’s talking about! Absolutely worth it, make my skin look poreless. @Giacomo Tesserin

Check out a similar item in action on TikTok

21. If you have this shower cat, you won’t need to call a plumber ever again. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is what it is. You’ll no longer have to struggle to get the hair off your hands or drag it across the wall. You’ll no longer have to reach across the shower to get it clean or have hair go down the drain. Just gather all loose strands in a ball, and swipe your fingers to the left to trap the hair. Once you’re done showering, swipe right to remove it and dispose of it in a garbage can.

The good thing about it is that you can put your rings and chains on it if you forget to take them off before stepping into the shower. This kitty can easily attach to any surface, like tile, marble, granite, glass, stone, wood, ceramic, or plastic.

Promising review: As a woman with long, fine, thick hair, I tend to shed a lot in the shower and HATE having hair all over the place. This product has made hair clean-up in the shower 10x easier and faster while making my shower look less disgusting. Installing is super easy, as it is just an adhesive tape back, which is nice. However, I wish it would have some type of removable backing or use some other type of adhesive to allow you to move the device into another spot because once it is stuck, it is staying there. Overall, I recommend this product to anyone who has hair that accumulates in the shower and would like an easier way to maintain the mess. @Tracie S.

Check out this hair catcher in action on TikTok here

22. This hair styling tool is easy to use and doesn’t use heat, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. You can easily get the hairstyle you like just by spending time in bed.


  • To curl your hair with a curling ribbon, wrap your strands around 2 curling rods and fix them with rubber bands.
  • Clip the top firmly to secure it, and feel free to go to bed.

Promising review: I was a bit skeptical about this because of the low price tag, but it’s brilliant!! I wrapped 80% dried hair around the band as per her instructions and left it for 2–3 hours — the results were amazing! I actually prefer the curly style that it achieves more than I do using my Cloud 9s, and they were a lot more expensive. Don’t hesitate to buy this product! The hair bands and clips that come included are also good quality. No more heat! No more damaged hair! Hello, curls!! @spitfire

Check out this curler in action on TikTok here

23. This treat pouch is made of food-grade, environmentally-friendly silicone. The magnets on both sides of the pouch make opening and closing it a breeze.

This pouch is easy to clean: remove the clip, turn the bag inside out, and wash it. It is also dishwasher safe and available in different colors so you can choose the one that fits your look the best.

Promising review: This is fantastic! We had an open-type treat pouch that kept spilling when I bent, then a drawstring one, which meant there was a slightly longer delay in giving training treats, but this is just a fantastic design! It’s easy to open with one hand, and it closes itself with a magnet. Genius! I also love the fact that I can wash (or wipe) it a lot easier than previous treat bags. This makes it an amazing product. I need to buy another for my daughter now! We have now purchased 4 different colors because they are so good! And bought a fifth as a puppy-warming gift for a friend! @Steffers

Check out this pouch in action on TikTok here

24. This set with 300 pieces of soap will help you always keep your hands clean! You can take this handy box everywhere you go. One piece is enough to wash your hands one time.

The set includes 6 boxes and is a lifesaver during trips. It can be used as a hand or body soap, or even for laundry. Plus, it’s very easy to use.

  • Take out the soap sheet
  • Wet it with a small amount of water
  • Gently rub your hands together to produce foam
  • Rinse your hands with water

Promising review: I took this camping and LOVED it!
— Cute, convenient packaging; easy to pack
— Easy to use; you just need to thoroughly wet the product and wash it off completely, or else it’ll leave residue on your hands (like any other soap)
— Smells SO GOOD! It reminds me of jasmine green tea. It has a floral scent
— Kids love it! I feel like it encourages hand washing :)
— It flips open, but be careful because it can be a little fragile and break
— Amazing customer service!
I don’t write a lot of reviews, but I loved this so much. I highly recommend this! @Cat

Check out this soap in action on TikTok here

25. A rainbow bath bomb that will explode in water and put an end to all your worries. Watch it release rainbow bubbles while chasing your fatigue away and helping you relax. PLUS, it’s a great way to help kids, who aren’t fond of bath time, have fun and get comfortable being in the water.

In Ireland, they say that you can find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. There are some leprechauns guarding it, but that’s another story. While the rainbow you’ll get with this bath bomb won’t bring you a fortune, it’ll moisturize and nourish your skin instead. By the way, the bath bombs are made of natural materials, so they won’t stain your skin or your tub. One bath bomb will bring you 20 minutes of rainbow SPA.

Promising review: Bought these bath bombs on a lightning deal. Quite big. They slowly release a rainbow of colors, eventually turning the water dark blue. They don’t stain the bath. I have sensitive skin and didn’t have any adverse reactions. @Twinkle reindeer

Check out the bombs in action on TikTok here

26. Reduce arm strain while maintaining close contact with your baby! The baby carrier belt can be easily fastened around your waist and you can adjust the size as well.

The belt has pockets so you can carry your essentials with you anywhere. It’s recommended for babies aged 6–36 months, with a weight of less than 20 kg. Make sure to check the buckle before using to make sure it’s in good condition and fastened properly.

Promising review: This hip seat is lightweight and easy to put on. This gives my back and arms some relief and transfers the weight to my hips. A must-have for anyone carrying a young child or baby. It seems to be made well. I have used it a few times at home and in stores. It has a small pocket for your cell phone, wallet, etc. @stamperer

Check out this carrier in action on TikTok here

27. A popular bubble mask that will turn you into a funny thunderstorm cloud at first, but then leave you with clean, soft, smooth, and shiny skin once you wash it away. The bubbles are very relaxing to listen to.

The mask comes with a free headband and a mask brush.


  • Scoop a proper amount of the mask with a spatula and spread it evenly over your face. Good news: you don’t have to remove your makeup first since it’s also a cleanser.
  • Wait for 5 minutes until the clay starts bubbling up and gently massage around your face.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat 2–3 times a week.

Promising review: Brightened up my face, made my face look fresh, and was really easy to use. Made my skin feel soft too. I would highly recommend this product. It’s fantastic. @Happymama

Check out the mask in action on TikTok here

28. This toothpick dispenser will set you free from germaphobia. Yep, if watching people touch all of the toothpicks just to get one out of the container gives you anxiety (yikes!), this birdie will be your life-saver. It will also decorate your space and bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

It comes with a set of toothpicks. By the way, this dispenser even may make you feel powerful. Some buyers claim that the bird listens better than grandkids. You want a toothpick, and there it is!

Promising review: Rest of all, I like anything that has a cute face. That should tell you something about my home. This little guy fits right in. Super cute and dispensers one toothpick at a time, which is much more hygienic, and I don’t spill the whole box when I’m trying to get just one. Did I mention it’s cute? @Yvonne J. Hom

Check out this bridie in action on TikTok here

29. A lifting bandage is an effective method to help you get rid of a double chin and saggy skin along the facial contour. According to the seller, 92% of customers observe excellent results.


  • Clean and dry your face before wearing the bandage.
  • Stretch the bandage 1 to 3 times, and place it on the chin.
  • Place your ears in the slots of the bandage and fasten the Velcro on the crown of your head.
  • Wait 30–60 minutes, and then remove the bandage.

Use the bandage for 4 weeks daily, for an hour at a time to achieve the best results.

Promising review: Such a great product. I have been wearing this at night and I can see that my jawline looks much more defined. I am so very pleased with this product, I can’t recommend it enough!
Thank you so much! @serena cimmino

Check out this bandage in action on TikTok here

30. Ice globes for a facial massage that can help you get rid of fine wrinkles, tighten the skin, reduce pores, and stimulate blood circulation. Before using, put the globes into the fridge for 10–15 minutes to let them cool, and then spend some pleasant “me” time making your skin more beautiful and glowing!

How it works: When you do a facial massage using these globes, they stimulate blood flow, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and add a glow to your skin, making it look fresh and beautiful. The globes have special handles that will protect your hands from the cold. You can use the globes together with cream, oil, or facial masks to make the results even better.

Promising review: Very pleasant to use, so relaxing, and I did notice an improvement in my under-eye bags after about a week of use. I use this along with anti-aging cream and serum, I feel my skin is smoother. @Karine Corkery

Check out a similar item in action on TikTok

31. This lamp will instantly transform your space with any of its 16 million colors. You can easily create a partying, game-playing, or just a relaxing vibe with it.

The lamp is very simple to assemble — it even comes with some spare screws just in case. The controller is easy to work with, but if you download the app, it’ll give you the opportunity to create your own light shows.

Promising review: This lamp is absolutely fantastic and gives a really nice, warm light that adds color to the room. All of my visitors, friends, and family have always commented on how lovely and modern it looks. The app is also very feature-rich and easy to use and you can control the lamp using the Amazon Echo. @Jay

Check out this lamp in action on TikTok here

32. A paw-sitive doggo that will help you create delicious dishes with no hassle. When your pot’s boiling over, or you need a free hand, it’ll be there for you as your loyal watchdog on command! With it, you can say goodbye to drips and drops on countertops! Simply place the ladle holder on a bubbling pot and behold — Buddy doesn’t slide or slip — he just sits still on the lid with a firm grip. PLUS, it can also be used as a steam releaser!

Once you’re done cooking, simply toss it into the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean.

Promising review: This spoon holder is super cute and perfect for dog lovers! It’s made of a nice, thick silicone that stands up well to heat, and I love that it can be used not only as a spoon holder but also to help steam escape from pots. It’s very easy to clean too. Just rinse it with some warm water, and it’s ready to use again! @ElectricRedRose

Check out this bow-wow in action on TikTok here

33. These hair scrunchies will not only keep your hair in place but will also provide you with an additional pocket you may need during your morning run or dog walk. You can put your keys, money, lipstick, and jewelry in there and stop worrying about them being lost or stolen.

The scrunchies are made of velvet, which is very hair-friendly and great for all hair types. Because of its soft texture, it doesn’t create a very tight and damaging hold and minimizes creases and ponytail bumps.

Promising review: I’ve had alopecia for many years, but I just had to get these for friends, ’cuz I know I would’ve loved them when I had tons of hair! So I just had the joy of giving some of these to several of my besties. OMG, by their reactions, you would’ve thought I’d woven the fabric & fashioned them by hand myself! If you want to bring the biggest surprised smile (without spending a fortune) to 9 people, this is the perfect lil “just-‘cuz I-thought-of-you gift.” I love how the elastic inside is more like the thin wristband inside of a hoodie (very sturdy & easy to repair, if necessary). The velvety material looks well-made & is really soft. The zipper is a lil hard to find, meaning they did exactly what was needed for the purpose of this awesome hidden pocket/purse/scrunchie. Ohhh, the things we can hide in these!! I also decided to keep a couple, just for a “scrunchie-bracelet.” Anyway, for less than $2 a piece, you can’t go wrong. LUVZZZ!! @Nocturnal Creature

Check out the hair scrunchies in action on TikTok here

34. If you identify yourself as a heavy sleeper and ABSOLUTELY NOT a morning person, you need this Clocky. It’ll run away from you, hide, roll, wheel, beep, and even jump, making sure you get up — so you’ll never be late again.

The story of Clocky began after too many mornings of hitting snooze. It was invented by a student at MIT who could never wake up on time! She would snooze over and over, not realizing how late it was getting. This led to more sleepiness and missed classes and work.

One morning, an idea for a different alarm clock popped into her head, one that could leap from her nightstand and run around beeping so that she had no choice but to get up and silence it.

Here is another reason to add this pretty alarm clock to your shopping cart right now: hitting the snooze button never really does anyone any good. Yes, it isn’t that big a deal to snag a few extra minutes from time to time, but fighting your alarm on a regular basis might actually mess with your sleep cycle, leave you feeling more tired during the day, and worsen your sleep overall.

Promising review: I’m a very heavy sleeper, so this clock is ideal for me. When it goes off, it makes several kinds of racket, and when you hit the snooze button, it’s not long before it jumps off your side table and hides while still making that racket!
The only problem is, I’ve started to go straight for the alarm button, switching it off, so you have to make sure you have the willpower to hit that snooze button... but it is a wonderful product. @Whatsername

Check out this alarm clock in action on TikTok here

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