“30 Years of Bliss,” Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley Celebrate 30th Anniversary

7 months ago

Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley got married on November 13, 1993, following their initial encounter on a blind date earlier that same year. Now, they’ve achieved a significant milestone in their relationship as they celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

Their love story began with a blind date.

Pfeiffer shared details about their initial encounter during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She admitted feeling a bit anxious, having previously experienced a few disappointing blind dates. “My best friend said, ’Please, just this last time, meet this guy, David Kelley,’ and I said, ’Okay,’ I thought it was a good idea to do like a bowling party,” she shared.

Before their union, Michelle Pfeiffer was in the midst of adopting her daughter Claudia Rose. “I really got to see him in a situation that certainly would separate the boys from the men. Obviously, he really rose to the occasion,” she commented. David E. Kelley also formally adopted Claudia, and soon after, the couple welcomed their son John Henry into their lives.

They prefer not to work together.

Despite both being involved in the entertainment industry, Michelle Pfeiffer clarified that she doesn’t collaborate professionally with her husband, David E. Kelley. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon in 2022, the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania actress shared her reasoning behind this decision, “We’re both kind of fierce when we work, so if I come home, and I’ve had a bad day, and I’m upset about something, I want him to be on my side because he hasn’t heard the other side.”

30 years of happiness

The actress, aged 65, and her husband, a TV producer, commemorated their 30th wedding anniversary on Monday. To mark this special occasion, they shared a cozy selfie of themselves. Michelle Pfeiffer captioned the Instagram post, “30 years of bliss,” indicating that their married life is built on complete mutual understanding.

Sustaining a long-term relationship with someone can present challenges as there are inevitably highs and lows. However, it’s crucial to approach these moments as a unified team. Actively working through obstacles can solidify a foundation for a long and fulfilling marriage.


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