31 Children Without Whom Their Parents Would Feel Bored

3 years ago

Not only is parenting a noble activity but a funny one as well. This compilation of kids’ photos will put you in a good mood for the rest of your day.

Bright Side collected 31 proofs that kids are real comedians. At the end of the article, there is a bonus waiting for you. It will show you that any activities done with dads always turn into big adventures.

“My son wore his Batman rain jacket to a local farm. This peacock took it as a challenge.”

“My husband enjoyed our daughter’s first Disney ride more than she did.”

“She told her nephew that the statue was falling as she took the picture.”

“The children were allowed to not sleep all night. They are happy.”

“I told my son to play outside.”

A birthday card

“My son takes his superhero role too seriously.”

“My daughter upon realizing that riding a bike takes practice.”

“My son feeding his fake dog goldfish while his real dog is sitting outside.”

“My daughter called me a liar when I told her this was a phone.”

“Bought our new puppy a large doggy bed and 100% expected the cats to try and steal it from her.”

“My daughter thought this was her. Bonus: my son in the background.”

“Caught my son watching cartoons at 3 a.m. He didn’t expect to be found.”

“We took our cat to the vets, and my son told the vet his toy dinosaur was feeling poorly, so the vet gave it an X-ray....”

“My sister got her daughter’s basketball team pictures today.”

Nothing unusual...just a boy walking his dog in a spacesuit.

“So my kid has now realized the full potential of the little recliner we got him.”

Each of us has such a boy living in our souls.


An expert at playing hide-and-seek!

How to entertain your kids in a supermarket:

“I walked out of a shop to the scene of a child lying motionless on the ground. I asked what was wrong, and the dad said, ’He’s upset that his gloves match his jacket.’ ”

When your dream started unexpectedly:

“I asked my little son to feed the cat.”

Out of energy!

Urgh, Monday!

“My cousin just posted this picture of his son. Look how excited and proud he is of where he put all the carrots. I’m cracking up.”

“My son definitely takes after me.”

That’s what growing up with pets looks like.

Mission complete.

“I made this mug for my dad when I was 8.”

Bonus: jacuzzi and bath foam

We are sure that you know how funny kids can be. Please share your most epic stories and photos in the comments

Preview photo credit C-SPANdex/reddit


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