33 Desserts and Cakes That Are Too Cool to Be Eaten

2 years ago

Art can be really different: from architecture to music. Some creative people can even turn food into a kind of art.

We at Bright Side love art of any kind. And if you can eat it, it’s priceless. That’s why we have collected 33 photos of the most inspiring desserts!

It must be a really tasty strawberry!

A beautiful deer

Amazing desserts in pastel colors from a 16-year-old chef

“Tasty geometry” from a pastry chef who used to be an architect

A reimagined gingerbread house

How do you like this chocolate decor?

Very elegant flower cakes

Mirror icing where you can see your reflection

An edible Rubik’s cube

Cakes you could mistake for real fruit

Cakes that look like different minerals

A wedding sculpture cake. The bride is on the right.

Do you want a balloon?

Which of the desserts did you like the most? Would you dare eat them? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Elena Gnut, Elena Gnut


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