5 Dangerous Food Combinations We Should Avoid

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As we all probably know, eating the right foods at the right time is what keeps our health on track. However, there are some foods that don’t go well together, even if they are both equally healthy. It’s important to keep in mind that there are food combinations that can be detrimental to our health, no matter how many health benefits each of them has. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to consult with your nutritionist before making any changes to your diet.

We at Bright Side gathered a list of food combos that don’t go well together, and may cause discomfort in your digestive system.

1. Bacon and eggs

Most people like eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, but they aren’t fully aware of its health risks. They are healthy to eat separately since they are both high in protein, but when mixed together, it can result in digestion problems.

Once you eat 2 high-protein foods at once, it can take a while for your body to digest it all, especially since protein is the hardest to break down. Not only that, but there are many saturated fats in both of these foods, and bacon contains a lot of sodium, especially if eaten in large portions. Try to replace bacon with carbs like whole grain toast and fruit with your eggs, or keep your bacon and replace your eggs with avocados and tomatoes.

2. Yogurt and fruit

Fruits are healthiest when eaten by themselves. When mixed together with other foods like yogurt, it can cause a sour and indigestible feeling in your stomach.

If you want to add sweetness to your yogurt, try adding cinnamon, as it has many health benefits for your heart, lowers cholesterol, and can relieve your throat. It can also relieve symptoms of a UTI for females. If you have digestion issues after a meal, try to blend a fourth cup yogurt with 2 pinches of ginger and cumin powder in 1 cup water.

3. Milk and orange juice

Drinking both milk and orange juice for breakfast may cause an upset stomach because oranges have acids that can coagulate the milk, making it look like a cheesy substance. This discomfort can last for 2 to 6 hours, depending on your acid levels. It also can result in bloating because it takes longer for milk to digest, and mixing it with citrus fruits like oranges can solidify the milk — leading to heartburn.

4. Burger with fries

The usual combo, a burger with fries, actually isn’t considered an ideal meal. Nutritionists say it’s much healthier to order 2 burgers instead of one with fries. It can make you feel fuller longer because you are taking in more protein, you may take in fewer calories, and you will reduce the number of carbs. By ordering 2 burgers, you can keep your blood sugar levels in check as well.

5. Water and food

Although it may seem normal to have a cup of water next to your food, it can have many health risks if you drink it while you eat. First, it can reduce the amount of saliva you produce, which is the main factor participating in digestion. It gets diluted, which can stop the breakdown of food in your mouth. It can also result in weight gain, cause acidity, and increase insulin in your body.

Have you tried some of these food combinations before? Will you switch to new eating habits?


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You should ALWAYS A L W A Y S have water or any kind of drink with a meal. If your food "goes down the wrong way" and you start to choke it is much safer to have a drink to help push the food down then try to do so with more food which can get stuck too.


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