5 Personal Care Devices From Amazon That People Love for a Reason

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Professional health care and beauty procedures can be very enjoyable, but visiting salons can take much time and money. Luckily, with the help of Amazon, spa and beauty salons can move right into your home, and for a reasonable price. From a kneading massager for pain and stress relief to a hard skin remover for a professional home pedicure, there are many devices that can help you enjoy your personal care routine any time you like.

We at Bright Side selected 5 products from Amazon that can provide you with a salon-like personal care experience right at your home, and many buyers have already appreciated these devices.

1. Electric hard skin remover for foot care

Are you tired of scrubbing your feet with scraper-shaped metal tools? This home pedicure device can guarantee an enjoyable foot care experience, with no extra movements. With this electric hard skin remover, you can say goodbye to pumice-stone and various scraping tools and say hello to your baby-soft feet.

This roller is small and light and is just perfect for travelling. There is no need to keep the device plugged in — you can charge it once and use it multiple times! The pressure-sensitive technology used in this roller protects your skin from irritation and cuts. Made of quartz micro mineral crystals, the roller is durable, and it will serve you long. With this foot care device, you can get a professional result and a lasting feeling of a pedicure spa without leaving home.

Customer review:

No more pedicures

I probably spent 30 minutes going over both feet, and I have baby soft feet now. No more cracked heel, no more hard sole, just beautiful soft feet. I didn’t do any prep, just washed and dried. Once I used the machine, I popped some cocoa butter on and away I went. You won’t regret buying this.
Updated to 3 weeks after use: My feet are still soft. Went over both feet for a top-up and rubbed on some cocoa butter again. Lovely. @Jumper

Get it from Amazon here.

2. Kneading massager for stress relief

Are your back and neck tired or aching because of the long hours you need to spend sitting in front of your computer every day? There is a solution! This kneading massager simulates the real massage experience and helps to relieve stress and muscle pain. The device has 4 massage nodes and a heating function that can soothe tired muscles and relieve aches.

The usage of this massager is not limited to your back and neck. You can also use it to massage your shoulders, belly, things, hips, and other body areas. The device has adjustable straps that allow you to place it anywhere you want for your convenience. You can customize your massage experience by switching the device’s working mode between clockwise or counterclockwise.

Customer review:


Honestly, if you love your massages and can’t always afford to have one professionally done, then this is no.1 substitute! It gives a good deep tissue massage, you can probably make it softer by placing a towel in between. It goes anywhere: neck, shoulders, arms, top and bottom of back, but for me calves is best! And the simulation is almost the same as human hands. I got this for my husband, but we both rate it highly. It’s such great value for money. @SCheung

Get it from Amazon here.

3. Dental care kit for plaque removal

If you feel the need to clean your teeth between dentist visits, this kit can be a perfect solution for you. It contains a dental toothpick, a mouth mirror, 2 scrapers, and a storage pouch. This kit can help you upgrade your mouth hygiene and clean the spaces that are hard to reach for a regular toothbrush.

With these dental tools, you can easily remove the build-up of food particles that can cause bad breath and gum problems. The high visibility mirror will help you control your movements and do the cleaning carefully and safely.

Customer review:

Handy tools

A set of handy tools to check your teeth in between dentist visits. I bought them to replace a set of plastic tools I had. The tools feel sturdy and do exactly what they should. No complaints. @Anna Nym

Get it from Amazon here.

4. Rose quartz roller for face massage

Finally, there’s a tool for facial self-massage that is easy to use, stylish, and beautiful. Two-sized rollers placed on the ends of the tool are designed for massaging different areas: smaller rollers are used on the eye area, while larger rollers are used on the face, neck, waistline, and arms. With this roller, you can actually massage your whole body and get an enjoyable personal care experience.

The roller comes together with a Gua Sha tool that can promote blood circulation and enhance the roller massage effect. The set comes in a stylish box that makes it a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Customer review:


I love this item, the coolness of the rose quartz on my face and the whole action of “rolling” the skin is very refreshing and has obvious benefits. My jawline is much tighter and the puffiness under my eyes is reduced. I actually bought my daughter another for her birthday as it comes very nicely packaged in a pink and white box with magnetic closure making it easily giftable. @TJS

Get it from Amazon here.

5. Facial hair remover

Are you tired of pesky peach fuzz on your face? Try out this facial hair remover with a stylish design. This tool can help you get rid of thin facial hair and shape your eyebrows in a few minutes. This beauty device has high-quality blades with microguards that will protect your skin from cuts.

Facial hair remover can make your skin smoother, which in its turn will help your makeup sit better on your face. The kit includes a protective cap that allows you to safely store the tool and take it with you while traveling.

Customer review:

Bye bye peach fuzz face

I had so much peach fuzz on my face and when these arrived I didn’t bother reading instructions at all, I just attacked my face. It was brilliant. So much peach fuzz came off, and I would say I had a full month before I had a face full of peach fuzz again. It didn’t grow back harder or rougher either, which was my biggest fear. Big thumbs up to the product, I would recommend. @LauraB

Get it from Amazon here.

Which of these personal care devices would you like to have at home right now, and why?

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