6 Things We Do Everyday That Quietly Wreck Our Skin

4 months ago

Although your skincare routine may appear to be well-suited to address all your skin’s requirements, there is still a possibility that you’ve inadvertently committed some mistakes that are hindering your path to achieving a flawless complexion. These errors can range from sticking to the same daily breakfast routine to applying sunscreen solely when outdoors, and they may not be immediately apparent. Still, they can contribute to frustrating breakouts or premature wrinkles.

1. You don’t change your skincare routine.

In the rush of a busy morning, reaching for the same face cleanser and moisturizer you applied the night before is convenient. However, sticking to the same products day in and day out may not be the best approach for your skin. Dermatologists suggest adjusting your skincare routine according to the seasons to optimize your skin’s health and appearance. As the weather cools down, transitioning from an exfoliating cleanser to a gentler one can be particularly beneficial.

2. You only apply sunscreen when the sun is shining.

Sunscreen isn’t just for outdoor summer activities; it can also ward off skin aging when applied indoors. While glass used in cars, homes, and office windows effectively blocks most UVB rays, it offers less protection against harmful UVA rays. Therefore, even if you’re primarily indoors, such as working in an office all day, applying sunscreen remains a wise choice to promote long-lasting, youthful skin.

3. You have oatmeal as your daily breakfast.

Indulging in a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is a delightful and nutritious way to kickstart your day. However, a daily oatmeal habit might inadvertently adversely affect your body and skin. Consuming oatmeal too frequently can limit your intake of crucial nutrients, potentially resulting in malnutrition and leaving your skin dry and flaky.

4. You begin your day with a morning coffee.

For many, a steaming cup of coffee is an essential part of their morning routine, offering a delicious kick and potential skin benefits. However, if you consume it daily before having breakfast, you could inadvertently be harming your skin. Coffee acts as a potent diuretic, potentially causing mild dehydration. This can hinder the elimination of toxins through your skin, making it more susceptible to premature wrinkles.

5. You spend a significant amount of time in the shower.

A long and warm morning shower is a delightful way to awaken, especially on cold days. However, making it a daily ritual might be counterproductive to your skincare aspirations. Hot water can harm the skin’s protective barrier, which retains vital moisture and accelerates aging. Moreover, if you’re washing your face in the shower for morning efficiency, be cautious, as hot water can cause facial capillaries to dilate and potentially damage them.

6. You have included red meat in your diet.

When it comes to diet, it’s important to note that our choices can have an impact beyond just our taste buds. For women, including red meat in their diets might be associated with wrinkles — a concern that hits close to home. Moreover, the method we choose to cook meat, mainly through high-heat, dry techniques, might be linked to another worrisome prospect: an increased risk of diabetes.

Caring for your skin and grasping its specific needs at different times is essential for maintaining overall bodily harmony. Occasionally, excessive consumption of even the healthiest products can lead to unintended consequences. Balance is key in all aspects of life.


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