7 Best Sellers From Amazon That Future Moms Are Thankful For

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Moms-to-be can face many struggles during pregnancy, and clothes play a huge role in making their lives easier and more comfortable. On Amazon, you can find maternity clothing items that provide extra comfort during pregnancy and right after. From a support belt that can relieve pain to maternity dresses and tops with special cutouts for convenient and discreet breastfeeding, there’s a wide range of pregnancy items that many moms have already fallen in love with, and they shared their praise so the rest of us can take their advice.

1. Back pain is an issue that many pregnant women face. With this belly support belt, you can feel immediate relief and comfort thanks to its high-quality micro-thread technology. The belt is fully adjustable, comfortable to wear, and has mesh inserts for added breathability.

Apart from relieving pain and tension during pregnancy, the belt can assist in postpartum recovery, easing discomfort and speeding up the healing process.

Promising review: Purchased this for my partner as she was struggling with day-to-day tasks and back pain being heavily pregnant. She’s really pleased with this product, as it offers her support and allows her to get back to daily activities without suffering so much. Recommended. Comfortable and easy to use. Used another product prior, which wasn’t as good. @Daniel Woods

7,300+ ratings

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2. Another pregnancy issue that is familiar to many women is when your clothes suddenly become too tight to wear. If this is the case with your favorite jeans and pants, there is a quick solution. With the help of this pant waist extender, you can comfortably fit into your pants (that have gotten a little bit snug) within seconds.

You will receive 6 waist extenders: 2 large and 4 small.

Promising reviews:
Why didn’t I buy these years ago. Brilliant product, fabulous for trousers that are a little tight on the waist but that fit everywhere else. @julie

These little expanders really work, I’m amazed! They just add an inch or so and are very comfortable as they ‘give’ a little when I sit down. So now I can wear my favorite jeans once more. Thanks. @Ann biltcliffe

400+ ratings

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3. This hands-free breast pump bra is something that may come in handy for many new moms. It can be used with breast pumps and as a traditional nursing bra. Made of cotton and spandex, the bra is very comfortable, and you can wear it all day long. The adjustable shoulder straps provide extra comfort.

You can choose black or nude.

Promising review: I absolutely love this pumping bra. Super comfy and pretty spot on with size. I use mine a lot with exclusively pumping and haven’t had any problems with the holes as I have with others where they stretch out of place, but this one hasn’t done that, and it also washes lovely. It has the option to open the front like a usual nursing bra, as well as having holes for the pump. This bra is a great price, and the quality is fabulous, I will be purchasing more. @Victoria.

500+ ratings

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4. This maternity dress can be used both during pregnancy and after. Thanks to its cut, the dress provides freedom and comfort for the belly during pregnancy, and its top can be unbuttoned for breastfeeding after giving birth. The dress is durable and washes well in the washing machine. Its colors also don’t fade.

There are several colors to choose from, including black, gray, and blue.

Promising review: I bought 2 of these when I had my daughter, and now pregnant with my son, I’ve decided to buy more. I wore the black one for labor. It is cotton and comfortable, and I could open up the buttons for skin-to-skin contact straight after birth. I pretty much lived in these for the first 4 weeks after birth, and they’ve been a godsend for breastfeeding. They also wash well. They’ve been a must-have for me. The only criticism is that I might have preferred them to have poppers instead of buttons. @Rachael Dsane-Selby

1,000+ ratings

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5. Ultra comfort is guaranteed with these maternity leggings. Their stretch fabric provides lightweight compression and helps to support a pregnant woman’s pelvis, lower back, and legs under the weight of the growing baby bump. The leggings feel like a second skin and give freedom of movement.

Thanks to the seamless design of the leggings, there are no unflattering stitch lines down the front or back, and they cause no irritation.

Promising review: I’m 35 weeks pregnant and uncomfortable in EVERYTHING, even my maternity leggings were too tight and restrictive. I ordered these impulsively, and after trying them on immediately ordered a second pair! I can imagine they might fit a little too big in the second trimester but the space for your bump is so generous I can finally relax, not see-through as far as I can tell and a nice 7/8 length on me (I’m 5’7″). Would highly recommend! @Carys

100+ ratings

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6. This nursing top with a layered design is super functional, flattering, and looks stylish. A concealed cutout for easy and discreet breastfeeding makes the top a perfect choice for new moms.

The seller offers this top in several colors, including black, blue, and gray.

Promising review: I love these tops, they were ideal for my baby bump, stretchy and so soft, not tight in any way, and I still wear them now 4 months after giving birth, and I will continue to! They are soft for my baby to lay her cheeks on, great for a dignified way of breastfeeding, are durable, and the colors don’t run. “I should have ordered them rather than other tops” and “I should have ordered them sooner” are my only disappointments. @Emma Campbell

800+ ratings

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7. These high waist pregnancy panties provide extra comfort during pregnancy thanks to their design. The adjustable waistband ensures a good fit as your baby bump grows. The panties are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, while the crotch inner lining is 100% cotton.

The set includes 3 panties and there are different designs to choose from.

Promising review: So comfy! I am a larger lady and these are great. The leg holes are wide enough, they don’t pinch anywhere, and the band around the top isn’t elastic, so it doesn’t pinch or leave marks. They are stretchy, so I imagine that as the bump grows, they will remain comfortable. The designs are cute. @Sparky89

200+ ratings

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Did you use any maternity products to help yourself while being pregnant? What was it? Do you know a pregnant woman who would appreciate the items from our list?

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