7 Body Facts Common Only for a Small Percentage of People

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When you think of mutants, surely you picture people flying, shooting lasers from their eyes, and Hugh Jackman flexing his luscious abs... But let’s not get carried away. Mutations maybe won’t help you save the world in a cape, but there are some spectacular human features that are super rare and make their owners truly unique.

Bright Side wants to show you seven body features that, if you have, you can consider yourself part of a small lucky bunch.

1. Having thumbs with 3 phalanges or having a 6th finger.

Being born with thumbs with 3 phalanges or having the 6th finger surely looks unusual and rare — only 1 in 1000 have the 6th finger, and 1 in 25000 have the 3 phalanges. However, this is not a big disability and even has big pluses in some areas. Doctors even found out that the brains of these people are perfectly capable of controlling the extra limb and there is no cognitive overload going on.

2. Having an extra rib.

Yes, this is a request you can hear often at your dad’s barbeque party but here we are talking about something much more exciting. Most people have 24 ribs (12 pairs), however, there is a possibility to have an extra rib on the right, left, or both sides. The rib is present at birth and sometimes it can be left unnoticed for the whole duration of the person’s life. It may be even not present on an x-ray because it can be brushed off as a thin strand of tissue fibers. It sounds kind of dangerous but extra ribs usually are harmless if they’re not putting pressure on a blood vessel or nerve.

3. Having “golden blood” — only about 50 people in the world have it.

It is said that members of royal families have blue blood but we are going to take that a step further and we are going to talk about golden blood. That term refers to a specific blood type that is incredibly valuable and rare — Rhnull, blood that entirely lacks Rh antigens. In 1961, an indigenous Australian became the first person shown to have the blood type. Since then, only about 50 people have been observed with this spectacularly rare feature.

4. Having this small hole in your ear.

0.1 to 10 percent — of babies around the world are born with it and it’s essentially an abnormal union of the hillock. This feature actually is linked with infections, causing pain and swelling.

5. People with super-strong “unbreakable” bones.

Just imagine what Wolverine had to go through to get his adamantium bones and some “mutants” are privileged enough to be born with super strong bones. Folks with a mutation that overactivates the LRP5 gene experience an abnormal density in their skeletal structure. Their bones are so strong that some even report difficulty staying afloat while swimming.

6. Having hair that can’t be combed.

Everyone experiences a bad hair day and knows exactly what it’s like for your hair to go completely against you in any possible way. However, it turns out there are some people that are living with that on a daily basis. A mutation in the genes that control how the hair grows causes what’s called “spun glass hair” which means that your hair becomes so dry and frizzy it can’t actually be combed flat no matter what you do.

7. This muscule on your wrist.

We know you are curious to know if you are one of the lucky few that have that special feature so let’s begin with a little experiment. Place your palm on a flat surface and then touch your pinky and thumb together while slightly lifting them. It is hypothesized that Palmaris Longus acted as an anchor for the skin and fascia of the hand and Its absence across the world nowadays ranges around 30%.

Do you have any unusual features? Share them with us.

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Number 7 is a tendon, and literally everybody has it.

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