7 Gadgets Straight Out of the Future That Amazon Is Selling Today

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“The future is finally here,” is what we’re all thinking when we see these cool gadgets from Amazon that seem super smart. From a notebook that you can reuse up to 500 times by erasing the ink to a smart pad that can track your sleep cycles, these clever devices exist for fun and serious purposes, and we’re glad they were invented. We’ve already filled our shopping carts with these futuristic gadgets. How about you?

1. With this portable mini printer for thermal labels, creating notes is way easier and more fun. Add photos, drawings, graphs, and other visual details to your notes with a few simple steps! Compatible with both phones and tablets, this printer can become a good gift for both kids and adults.

This mini sticker printer can be used not only to print photos but also to print notes, make bookmarks, create diary journals, to-do lists, memos, and more.

Promising review: This gadget really surprised me with how good it was, it’s just so much fun! Sometimes you have to lighten photos, but mostly, this produces really good stickers, considering. I love gadgets and stationery so I am sitting giggling and creating stickers for ridiculous reasons now. Luckily, I bought loads of extra sticker rolls anticipating this! Great little product and their support email was brilliant: I couldn’t register properly on the website for a warranty and free gift but they took care of it for me. Going to use it for study notes now, which should keep me busy for a while! @Amethyst Magenta

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

2. With this sleep tracker, you can know exactly what’s going on with your body while you sleep. Just place the pad under your mattress, download the app, and you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about your sleep cycles. The device can even help you detect sleep apnea with high precision.

Your vital parameters, such as heart rate, breathing rate, and movements, are collected by the advanced sensors located in the pad placed under the mattress and processed by exclusive algorithms to provide you with important data about your sleep.

Promising review: This has been really helpful for me to work out why I am always tired. You don’t feel it and there is nothing to do for continuous monitoring of sleep. The app gives a really detailed output of how you are sleeping and gives specifics around duration, depth, regularity, sleep apnea, interruptions, and snoring and also hooks up with other data to look at correlation and cause. A clever kit! @Chris Tyler

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

3. It looks like these glasses came to us straight from the future, with their built-in camera and memory. If you like long walks in nature but don’t like the idea of constantly taking out your phone to take a picture or a video, this is just what you need.

The glasses have UV400 protection and can film 1080P ultra full HD resolution videos.

Promising review: These glasses are excellent. Easy to use. Press a button to record, and press to stop. Great on walks when you want to record the experience but don’t want to hold a camera all the time. They are light and fit me perfectly. The image quality is good. Picks up sound well. Could do with some stabilization so the video would be smoother, but that would make them more expensive. At this price, they are a good deal. @80’s film lover

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

4. Take this collapsible cup with you wherever you go and enjoy your favorite drinks. The cup may look tiny when it’s folded, but in the unfolded state it turns into a big and sturdy mug. Using this item is more environmentally-friendly than using disposable cups. It endures a wide range of temperatures and can be used for both hot and cold drinks.

The lid of this mug has an anti-overflow function.

Promising review: This is ideal for travel, like on a train or when you want to grab a hot drink without using disposable cups. The product does what it says on the box and folds away after to fit in a bag or case without dripping or leaking. @Barry’s Property Care

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

5. If you’re a fan of music, this portable Bluetooth speaker with LED lights can become a good gift for yourself. This little speaker can become your best companion during travels and hikes. Thanks to a magnet and a strap, you can place the item wherever you want to enjoy your favorite music.

The colors of the lights change automatically.

Promising review: Honestly, when this arrived and I saw just how small it was, I wasn’t expecting it to blast out sound the way it does. It was supposed to be a lightweight, tiny speaker to fit in our day sack for hikes and camping. Because why take anything bigger and heavier than you need to? Links easily to your phone via Bluetooth and has not only impressive sound amplification but it doubles up as a light. To top it all off, the battery life is superb. We got 6 and a half full days and nights with approximately 2-3 hours of use a day. It’s so handy, I’m probably going to take this out paddle boarding with me, to the garden, and to the beach. Considering it’s smaller than a bottle of perfume, I am so impressed. @Princess

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

6. Have you ever dreamt of making your notes simply disappear in the blink of an eye? Well, now you can do it with this reusable smart notebook. Just imagine, you can erase the notes and re-use the pages about 500 times! You can erase the notes with the help of a pen eraser, a cloth, or a hair dryer.

The package also includes 2 pens, a wipe, and a set of self-stick notes.

Promising review: What a fab product. Smooth finish, so lovely to write on. Eco-friendly, so it can be used over and over again. I use it for taking dictation of confidential information so it is perfect for the discreet removal of private stuff. My favorite part is when it comes to cleaning your work: use a hair dryer and be amazed as the words disappear in front of your eyes, my personal choice as it makes you feel a bit “magical,” ha ha! Or simply use the cloth provided, dampen it a little and the words just wipe away. The cover is not so sturdy but I just use a flip folder behind it so it’s not an issue. The pens provided don’t last for long but I also purchased the recommended pilot erasable pens, which are comfortable to write with and which I am still currently using. Overall, I would highly recommend and think all businesses, schools and the like could cut costs by utilizing this idea, and as a double bonus, it would help in saving our planet too. @Michelle Bines

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

7. This 3D pen can keep both kids and adults busy for hours. Unleash all your creative potential and make anything you want! With this tool, any 2D drawing can be turned into a 3D model and it looks like sheer magic.

The item is equipped with a speed slider that provides perfect extrusion speed for your current task. Set it to a crawl for intricate details and power it up for larger fills.

Promising review: The sheer creativity this generates among all age groups is impressive. We all, (ages 8-62 and everything in between) had a blast and still are having a blast with this. This isn’t a toy that gets used once and put away, it has been used every day. The architectural minds are making buildings, the creative ones are making everything from earrings to animals, and the practical ones made phone cases. A lot of fun, and it also got the kids and adults off their phones. @larry mcmillen

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

Have you ever tried using any of these items? Which futuristic gadget do you wish existed right now and why?

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