7 Mistakes to Stop Making If You Have Fine Hair

3 years ago

Thin hair is difficult to manage, and you might be thinking you’ll never be able to get the volume you desire. Many factors, like stress and poor diet, can put skinny strands at risk, but the way you take care of your hair might be sabotaging the whole process too.

We at Bright Side know from firsthand experience that fine hair will stay flat no matter how much product you use. We decided to find out about the common mistakes that might get in the way of our dream to achieve voluminous locks.

1. You pull your hair into a ponytail when it’s wet.

Throwing your wet hair into a ponytail might seem tempting when you’re in a rush, but it can be damaging to your fine strands. Damp hair stretches easily, and it causes the cuticle edges to lift up and break. This can leave you with hair that feels damaged. Haircare specialists recommend gently squeezing out the moisture and letting your hair air dry.

2. You’re using hair oil.

Although oils are nourishing and moisturizing, they aren’t the best option for fine-haired girls. Oils are typically too heavy and can easily weigh your thin hair down. This may leave you with hair that looks flat, greasy and stuck to your scalp.

3. You’re not using styling products.

If you want to replicate the look of thick-haired beauties, opt for styling products that offer “hold” effects, like dry shampoo, sea salt spray, or texturizing mist. They aren’t too heavy for your delicate hair, and they can make it appear thicker by coating the hair in polymers. It’s best to add volumizing products to the roots of your hair when it’s still wet and then to distribute it through the length of the hair.

4. You’re avoiding color.

Adding a little color can do wonders for your thin strands. Creating the contrast between light and dark colors will give the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. To achieve this look, your hairdresser will lighten a few strands on the surface of your hair, making it look more “plump.”

5. You skip your hair conditioner.

If you’re avoiding conditioner, thinking it will make your strands heavy and flat, you might be leaving your hair unprotected and damaged. If you have thin hair, avoid applying conditioner to your scalp as it can weigh your delicate hair down. Instead, coat your hair with conditioner from the mid-shaft down to achieve nourished and fresh-looking hair.

6. You’re using a cover-up powder.

Some people use hair powder to cover bald spots, but if you do this regularly it can lead to more hair loss. Fine powder will get into the pores and clog them, shortening the life of the hair follicle.

7. You’re letting your hair grow too long.

For people with fine hair, it’s better to trim the ends every 2 months. When thin hair grows long, it tends to look even finer toward the ends, and some styles won’t be able to cope with the length.

Have you been making any of these mistakes? What type of hair do you have and how do you take care of it?

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