7 Poses That May Boost Your Confidence... or Make You Look Like It

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Facelifts, botox, breast augmentation — we go to extremes to look our best so that we’ll be comfortable in our own skin. And while there’s nothing wrong with these procedures, there are other ways to feel better about ourselves. Fortunately, a Harvard professor, Amy Cuddy, has found a way to train our bodies to change our mindset and boost our confidence by “faking it until we mean it.”

Bright Side wants you to be confident and successful in your endeavors, so we have prepared a list of poses that can help you nail your next meeting or interview. Are you up for the challenge?

The science behind it

A social psychologist at Harvard Business School, Amy Cuddy, became a worldwide sensation when she gave a TED Talk about power poses and immediately had all of us wondering what this was all about.

According to her, doing a high-power pose for approximately 2 minutes a day can increase our testosterone levels by 20% and decrease cortisol levels by 25%, which will, in turn, make you feel more confident and less stressed.

1. The loomer

Even the most confident of people might start fidgeting when it’s their turn to pitch a new idea during a meeting. These kinds of high-impact social situations where there’s a power struggle may trigger your anxiety.

For this posture to come off the right way without looking too cocky, it’s important to practice it beforehand. When it’s your turn to talk, stand up, plant your hands on the table, and lean forward. Being at a higher level than the rest of your peers will make you look more powerful and authoritative. Make sure that you make eye contact to show you’re engaged.

2. The Mx. Clean

In every relationship, there’s a give and take. At times, you need to let some things go in order to restore peace. However, if you’re always the one making the concessions, you’d better try this pose.

Stand with your back upright, hold your chin up, and roll your shoulders back. Make sure the shoulders are not facing forward because it may come across as a sign of weakness. Your hands shouldn’t be tucked behind your arms since this can be perceived as being standoffish, but rather, rest them on your forearm and arm. Now you’re ready to stand your ground!

3. The lean out

You’re getting ready for a job interview. You’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for a while but there’s something missing: that killer confidence that says, “I’ll land this job.” Turns out the way you sit may decide on whether you get it or not.

Wrapping your arms around your torso, crossing your ankles, and lowering your chin are all signs of a low power pose. Instead, when you’re in front of the interviewer, try to sit down, leaning back on the chair. Open your chest and rest one arm on the back of the chair and place the other one on the arm of the chair. This kind of expansion conveys a sense of power and assertiveness.

4. The Wonder Woman

Our confidence can also have a bad day, especially when we do something that implies putting ourselves out there and taking a risk. It’s normal to feel butterflies in your stomach when going on a date for the first time. Before giving up on the idea of meeting someone new altogether, summon your inner Wonder Woman with this pose.

Plant your feet firmly on the floor, hip-width apart. Place your hands on your hips and stick your chest out. Your chin should be pushed upward as a sign of confidence. Touching your neck, ducking your head, or biting your nails can be considered signs of insecurity and submission.

5. The squinch

After many sleepless nights, you finally make up your mind and decide it’s high time you get that raise you deserve. But, unfortunately, the downer is having to ask your boss for it. Before letting your cortisol levels shoot up, practice this several times in front of a mirror to gain the confidence you need.

Our eyes are considered the window to our souls, so it’s logical to deduce that we can tell how someone is feeling from them. Wide, deer-in-headlights eyes are basically screaming out loud, “I need to get out of here!” Photographer Peter Hurley has demonstrated that when we squint and squinch our eyes we look more attractive and show what we are worth.

6. The salutation

There’s a milestone in every relationship, and that is the moment when you get to meet your in-laws. No matter how lovely they may end up being, we all feel that dread, and insecurities start arising: “Will I make a good first impression?” Try the following pose before meeting them.

Firmly plant your feet on the ground while spreading your chest and lifting your head. Outstretch both arms above your head with your palms directed toward the sun. Hold this expansive posture for 2 minutes while calmly breathing to make you feel more empowered.

7. The steepled hands

Power poses are intended to raise your self-esteem for any kind of situation where you might feel threatened. Even if you know there’s no real danger, talking to someone for the first time, holding an interview, or having to say “no” to someone can prove to be somewhat of a challenge.

This is is one of the most subtle poses. It requires spreading your fingers and having the fingertips of both hands touch each other. You should then arch your hands so that the fingertips look like a church steeple. It gives the message that you’re interested and engaged with what others are saying.

Which pose would you like to try? Do you think you can “fake it until you mean it”?


Please, stop encouraging men sitting with spreaded legs!

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