7 Things in Our Homes That We Don’t Normally Notice but Our Guests Will

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Sometimes we’re so used to our houses that we don’t even notice some basic things that are actually obvious. Or, on the contrary, we might be obsessed over certain details and completely forget about the basic ones. Luckily, we have a list of things that might influence the way your guests see your house.

Bright Side is here to help and prevent your guests from exchanging uncomfortable looks.

1. Smudges around the doorknobs

We touch door handles and the area around them every day. Because of how frequently we do this, we might not even notice how dirty our door handles are. This area is prone to hand smudges or water stains. What’s more, germs quickly accumulate there.

2. Dried water drops on windows

70% of people believe that windows are an important part of the house. Nevertheless, we often forget to clean them. If your windows are caked with dirt and grease even the most marvelous view outside will be spoiled.

3. The smell of your house

Scents are strongly linked to emotions, that’s why many stores use them to attract more customers. If your place smells bad, your guests might form an unpleasant memory of your house. Aromatic candles, air fresheners, or simply the smell of baking will instantly add 100 points of coziness to your house.

4. Dirty towels

The last thing your guests want to see in the bathroom is a smelly towel. Not only that, guests will be forced to use it to dry their hands. Damp towels covered in grime will spoil the impression, no matter how cool your bathroom design is. What’s more, wet towels are unsanitary as they retain moisture and spread germs.

5. Floors full of crumbs

People often pay close attention to the floor in the kitchen. If your guests have to take their shoes off, mop your floors twice as much because, otherwise, they will feel every single crumb under their feet. Besides, if your guests bring children, the bacteria on the dirty floors might cause diarrhea in kids.

6. Cluttered or sticky dining table

No one wants to sit at a table where every spot is like a minefield. Sticky on the left, full of stains on the right — always having to be on guard. Make sure your table is clean and that there’s enough room for your guests.

7. Dirty mirrors

We probably don’t even notice how dirty our mirrors are, especially in the bathroom. In a morning rush, we might accidentally leave some toothpaste spots or hairs. However, your guests will certainly take a look at themselves in the mirror and then at the mirror itself.

How often do you clean the above-mentioned things? What do you notice in other people’s houses?

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