8 Facts That Prove Matthew McConaughey and Wife Camila Are the Most Forward Thinking Parents Out There

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey and model wife Camila Alves have been together for a solid 16 years. But it’s not just the longevity of their love that is so inspiring. In fact, the couple, who are parents to 2 sons and a daughter ages 14, 12, and 9, have a fascinating parenting style and have set some surprising rules for raising their kids. Some of which are unexpected yet noteworthy, to say the least.

They planted a tree with their son’s placenta.

After having their firstborn son Levi, the couple used the placenta as a fertilizer to plant a mango tree in their backyard. The actor revealed, “That mango tree bore its first mango 9 years later, which we all as a family sat down and ate and celebrated our eldest son.”

He recalled that while eating the fruit, they congratulated Levi, telling him, “You helped fertilize this mango, sir.” The actor then added that it was one of the best mangos he’d had in his life.

They are not their kids’ friends.

Matthew believes that trying to be BFFs with your kids is “a disservice to your child.” The actor explained that he knew dads who built a friendship with their offspring, but then added, “None of those kids turned out to be maybe what they could.”

And despite acknowledging the fact that certain times his kids “need a buddy,” this father insists on his conviction and says “at the same time, I’m 48. If I don’t know better, what’s evolution for?”

Matthew never raises his voice.

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The actor opened up about the way he communicates with his wife and kids, admitting that it is a totally different approach from what his own parents used to do. This means that he makes a conscious effort to avoid yelling in front of them.

The actor explained that if he ever starts raising his voice, he automatically starts questioning his behavior and asks himself, “Alright, McConaughey, what did you not handle getting to this point that you had to raise your voice?”

“If I Go, We All Go”

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The McConaugheys are a close-knit family, which means that they are always together, even if the busy actor has to travel across the world for work. As a matter of fact, Matthew has a simple yet unnegotiable traveling rule: “If I go, we all go.”

The 3 forbidden things

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Matthew explained that his hope for his kids is to “become autonomous, conscientious, competent young people in their life.” And in order to raise them right, there are things that the kids are strictly banned from doing.

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The actor opened up about them during an interview, and said, “We do not allow lying in the house. You cannot say the word[s] ’I can’t,’ and you can’t use the word ’hate.’”

No good cop, bad cop.

The couple has agreed to always be on the same page when it comes to raising their kids. The actor explained that when the kids try to play them, he and his wife make sure to always give the same answer. This means that there isn’t a strict parent and a more permissive one because the rules are the same whether they are asking mom or dad.

They believe in tough love.

Although he’s famous for his cool and easy going persona, it seems that Matthew is a fan of discipline when it comes to raising his 3 kids. The actor noted that loving your kids sometimes means giving them a tough life.

He admitted that rich people are able to “give their kids everything they want, but they’re not usually going to get what they need.” He then added, “No” takes a lot more energy.

They shouldn’t feel ashamed of their wealth.

Even though he makes sure that his kids don’t grow up to be spoiled and entitled, the actor doesn’t want them to feel embarrassed about their privileged lifestyle either, because he has worked hard for it. McConaughey revealed that he tells his kids, “Keep your chin up,” and “Don’t feel guilty about that. Own it.” Because he doesn’t want to see them practicing false modesty or downplaying their family’s wealth.

Do you agree with this couple’s approach to parenting? Do you have any strict rules that you stick by when it comes to raising your own kids?

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