8 Features That Were Once Considered Flaws but Became Advantages in 2020

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3 years ago

Many women look for flaws in their appearance: they often think that their hair is too thin and that their skin is far from perfect. Fortunately, there’s no universal standard now, and we believe that all women are beautiful in their own unique way.

We at Bright Side think that every girl should love and accept herself for what she is. We’ve reviewed 8 non-obvious physical features that are advantageous in 2020. And the bonus at the end of the article is bound to make you feel nostalgic.

Light dye-free hair

In the past, light, wheat-colored hair color was believed to be boring and women who had such hair used to dye it a brighter blonde. But today, the more natural you look, the better, which is why this hair color is popular again. For example, Jennifer Lopez’s hair is this color now. Additionally, this color supports other facial features, making age-related changes not as visible.

Chubby cheeks

Girls that have chubby cheeks are now happy to have them. Many girls don’t like plump cheeks but this actually makes them look younger than they really are.

Some celebrities, on the contrary, are proud of their cheeks and they don’t want any cosmetic surgery. For example, Gigi Hadid opts for more natural cheeks.

Gray hair

Designers across the world are amazed by women that are able to contradict all the imposed rules and standards. The most important thing for hair and skin is to be shiny, smooth, and well-treated. In this case, gray hair looks good! Many celebrities that are under 40 years old aren’t even dying their gray locks anymore.

Natural lips

Not all that long ago, women used to dream of having big lips but this isn’t a trend anymore. Women want to see a natural image in the mirror. Besides, most men love natural beauty which also impacts women’s desire to alter their looks.

A non-perfect skin tone

The times of Kardashian-style contouring are in the past. Now, more natural appearances (like that of Meghan Markle) are more popular. Today, makeup artists and celebrities always add a little rouge to their looks to make things appear more natural.


Freckles are a classic trend every spring. Even women that don’t have freckles like to draw them in. By the way, filters on Instagram that add freckles are very popular. So, if nature gave you this gift, it would be a crime to try and hide it.

Big hips

After many years of skinny being the popular standard, we’re living in a time when women with big hips are very popular. We’re talking about Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé, just to name a few celebs.

Now, a body shape where the hips take center stage is extremely popular. And it doesn’t seem like this trend is going away any time soon.

No gel nail polish

Just a short time ago, a girl that didn’t have gel nail polish on would’ve been considered the opposite of modern. But in 2020, doctors, eco-activists, and even some nail artists have reconsidered this point of view.

Gel nail polish leads to the brittleness of the nails: every time you remove the gel, you remove the thin upper layer of the nail. UV-drying is another reason to say no to this kind of treatment. Most people know how important it is to avoid UV-exposure. But if you expose your hands to UV-light, the skin will age very fast.

Bonus: Patchwork quilts are not a symbol of poverty anymore.

It’s hard to believe it but the old patchwork quilts are now used by famous brands in their new collections. Just looking at them makes us super nostalgic!

What “flaw” do you think is not really a flaw anymore? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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The thick hips is just the new "boob job", it will die soon and then something new will be the trend


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