8 Products That Will Help You Stay in Shape

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Without expensive fitness equipment, it might seem like working out at home isn’t as effective as going to the gym. But exercising in the comfort of your home can actually be just as efficient. It all depends on your motivation, how you manage your time, and the equipment you use to shape your dream body. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be super expensive, in fact, there are many easily affordable products online that can turn your bedroom into a gym.

1. A running belt that is ideal for anyone who likes exercising outdoors. It’s large enough to fit 2 bottles of water, your smartphone, and even snack bars to keep you energized.

Staying well hydrated is vital for anyone who loves working out because not drinking enough water might seriously affect your energy levels. Medical experts recommend drinking 17 to 20 ounces of water a couple of hours before you begin exercising, and having 7 to 10 ounces of water every 10 to 20 minutes during your workout. And if you’re trying to lose some weight, drinking more water can actually help you burn more calories, and even naturally suppress your appetite. While carrying a water bottle when running might be uncomfortable, wearing this belt can help keep your hands free.

Promising review: I bought this belt due to my older belt stretching out too much. I have to say I was skeptical of purchasing an off brand belt but this was a great buy! It stayed put and the water bottles never leaked. @JMDM7

Buy this running belt here.

2. A total body workout home gym that won’t take much space in your room and will allow you to create a customized routine for the best results. It comes with workout videos and a nutritional guide that will help you build your dream body and break unhealthy eating habits.

Finding time for a good workout can be challenging, but once you finally got to the gym you still have to waste time while you’re waiting for equipment or cleaning it. If your commute to the nearest gym takes up too much of your time, you might want to consider working out at home. Apart from saving you time and money, it allows you to exercise at your own pace and do it on your own schedule.

Promising review: This machine really targets the abs. It does a great job of isolating all three areas. The first time I used it, it targeted my abs so good that when I stood up, after I was done, my entire ab area cramped something fierce. That’s when I knew, this machine was the real deal.
The cramping soon went away and I did 2 more sets. @CLAY R.

Buy this home gym here.

3. An adjustable punching bag that’s perfect for beginners. It can be set up anywhere in your house and will help you exercise your arm muscles and relieve stress.

In addition to helping you get rid of stress, hitting a punching bag can be a full body workout. Try these tips to take your punching bag workout to the next level:

Don’t forget to warm up. Stretching before exercising will prepare your body for an intense workout and increase your flexibility.
Make sure to protect your face. Remember that one hand should always be covering your face.
Move around the bag. This will keep your heart rate up.
Do some stretches after the workout. Incorporating some yoga stretches into your routine will allow your body to cool down and help you relieve tension.

Promising review: High quality boxing ball, we have used it for all family members to exercise and practice our boxing. My kids love it especially, which is great. The item was really easy to put together and it took less than a few minutes. @HN

Buy this punching bag here.

4. A pushup stand that’ll allow you to engage more muscles and sculpt the shoulders of your dreams. Thanks to its ergonomic grips, it helps to reduce pressure and distribute weight evenly.

If you’re arranging a home gym, then this pushup stand is definitely a must-have. Its handles are designed to reduce joint strain in the wrists, which will allow you to stay pain free while you workout. And because it features a 400 lb weight capacity, you can use it with a weighted vest to make your workout even more effective.

Promising review: I bought these becasue I had a wrist injury because of the quantity of push-ups I was doing and had to find a way to continue. These stands not only alleviate any wrist pressure but also work your muscles harder by engaging other smaller muscles when rotating. I do 100+ reps a day, these stands have increased the quality of my workouts and also my total rep maximum.
Quality of build is very good. I 100% recommend these stands. @A Pryce

Buy this pushup stand here.

5. A portable elliptical trainer that will help you burn extra calories and won’t put stress on your joints. Its adjustable tension will allow you to gradually increase your workout intensity level and because it doesn’t take up a lot of space, you can exercise even in the office.

Although this exercise equipment is considered low impact, it’s extremely popular and has lots of health benefits. Working out on an elliptical can burn about 270–400 calories in 30 minutes and is better for your joints than other cardio exercises like running or jogging.

Promising review: The elliptical motion is easy, smooth and low impact. This is a robust, sturdy exercise elliptical that fits easily under my work desk. It is so quiet that the only way my office knows I am using it, is because they can see my legs moving. @Jonathan Becker

Buy this elliptical trainer here.

6. Core sliders you can use to level up your pilates or aerobic workouts. They work on carpet and hardwood floors and will be an amazing addition to your home gym.

These small and easily affordable pieces of fitness equipment that you can easily take with you anywhere can really upgrade your workout routine. They will help you tone your core and reduce the risk of any injury.

Promising review: Love these! Great range of motion, work well on both hardwood and carpet, though I would say slightly better on hardwood. Foot tends to slip off a bit more when used on carpet. Makes all plank exercises much more pleasant. Leaves no marks on hardwood. Soft part will collect dust if you have any laying around though, but cleans easily. @S. L.

Buy these core sliders here.

7. A mini pilates ball you can use for yoga and even physiotherapy. It’s super easy to inflate and deflate and it can even fit into your purse.

In addition to helping you lose weight and improving your posture, pilates has lots of benefits that make it one of the most effective workouts. It makes your period less painful, improves your overall strength and flexibility, and might even benefit your kidneys.

Promising review: I bought this as I have been injured for a year and a half. I needed to do some strength exercises. I use this ball to do single leg glute bridges to help strengthen my flutes. You may think as it’s a soft ball what use can it be. I can assure you it’s a main bit of my kit now. Great for rehab or none rehab training. I will continue to use this ball. @Lesley Taylor

Buy this pilates ball here.

8. An extra thick yoga mat that is perfect for working out indoors and outdoors. It comes with a yoga strap which makes it super easy to take your mat with you wherever you go.

Practicing yoga regularly can calm your mind and help you increase flexibility, but if your mat is too thin it can negatively affect your practice and cause some unpleasant sensations. This durable, yet lightweight, yoga mat is 15 mm thick and can help you improve your workout and prevent lower back pain that is often caused by thinner mats.

Promising review: I got the thicker of these mats as I am old enough to have a few painful joints and did not want to make workouts more hard work than they need to be by having a thin mat. This mat is very comfortable. Despite being thicker than average it rolls up easily and there’s a carrying handle with two elastic loops to keep it rolled up until required again. @Squillers

Buy this yoga mat here.

Would you rather join a gym or workout at home? Which of these products would you like to add to your shopping list?

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