8 Rules That Mayim Bialik Has for Her Children That Could Reshape Parenting

Mayim Bialik is renowned for her portrayal of the brilliant character on The Big Bang Theory, but she is a versatile woman with various skills. Along with being an actress and neuroscientist, her most commendable role is that of a mother to two children. Bialik’s perspective on parenting is contemporary and distinctive, and her concepts are certainly worth considering.

1. Her children are homeschooled.

Mayim Bialik doesn’t agree with the standard schooling environment, which is why she’s decided to take things into her own hands and homeschool her children. She claims that this allows her boys to develop at their own pace and helps them pursue what they’re passionate about, all while focusing on imagination and play.

2. Her kids were breastfed until late.

Mayim Bialik also embraced the idea of breastfeeding her children as toddlers. While most mothers try to nurse their children for as little time as possible, Bialik let her boys decide when they wanted to wean. Due to breastfeeding’s benefits, her kids grew up throwing fewer tantrums and feeling closer to their mother.

3. She potty trained her kids without using diapers.

Nobody likes changing diapers, but likely, the majority of parents wouldn’t choose to have their children go diaperless. However, Mayim Bialik doesn’t have dirty diaper problems, as she’s chosen to not use any. Instead, she decided to go for diaperless potty training, which circles around the idea that every baby signals whenever they have to go. She claims that once you figure out what the signals are, all you have to do is position your baby over the potty and make a cue (for example, a sound) that they will respond to.

4. She doesn’t buy expensive Christmas presents.

Each year, her boys get presents during the holiday season. While she is fine with them receiving gifts from their grandparents, she has chosen not to do the same. Instead, Bialik and her ex-husband decide on one toy or gift them socks and pajamas if they need them. The reason behind this is that her kids have everything they need, while there are “so many lacking so much,” and she would rather donate to causes that help people in need than spend money on expensive gifts.

5. She is all about positive discipline.

Mayim Bialik is all about positive discipline and integrating a healthy communication style between her and her children. This means that when problems arise, there is no yelling, no spanking, time-outs, or scolding. Instead, she tries to explain everything to her boys in a calm manner, using rational arguments that they can understand.

Her basic rule is that you should treat your children the way you want to be treated because a healthy relationship is based on respect. Therefore, this method doesn’t make your children fear you, and it helps them develop self-discipline.

6. She encourages bed-sharing.

Bed-sharing is another important aspect of attachment parenting, as it’s the nighttime version of baby-wearing. Since attachment parenting is all about being as close to your child as possible, it is obvious why Mayim Bialik chose to share the bed with her boys. She claims that bed-sharing helps strengthen their relationship, prevents separation anxiety, and helps the child sleep longer and better.

7. Her kids have restricted access to technology.

Although Mayim Bialik is a TV star, her children don’t really see her on TV because there are certain technology rules in the house. Her kids are not allowed to watch movies or TV because she doesn’t want their personalities and self-esteem to be influenced by the media or be peer pressured by it. In fact, the first video Mayim’s son watched was of a homebirth, preparing him for his brother’s arrival. He even was present during his brother’s birth, cutting the cord.

8. Saying “please” and “thank you” are not encouraged.

While most children are taught from a very early age to say “please” and “thank you,” Bialik decided to teach them the opposite, guiding her children not to use those words at all. She also had a talk with all her friends and family, informing them not to expect those kinds of reactions from her boys. She believes that natural, genuine expressions of appreciation are more important than repeating those words out of courtesy because, in time, they start losing their true meaning.

What do you think about this way of parenting? What is one method you would recommend to other parents? Let us know in the comments!


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