8 Things That Happen When You Let Your Dog Share a Bed With You

4 years ago

A lot of the little things you do before bed, or even while you sleep, can help your health in the long run. If you ever worried about letting your furry friends share your bed with you, don’t be. There are a surprising number of health benefits related to sharing your bed with your favorite puppy. Interestingly enough, one study claimed that women especially benefit from sharing their bed with their dogs.

Bright Side has collected some of the surprising benefits you get from sleeping with your dogs!

1. Dogs reduce stress and anxiety.

Dogs are already used as popular therapy pets. Because of this, they can provide you with comfort while in bed. Simply petting your dog releases calming chemicals, even when you are at your most stressed.

2. Dogs provide protection.

Dogs can alert you to trouble, go after an attacker, or simply keep you company. This knowledge can also comfort you, even while you are sleeping, essentially knowing that you are being protected at your most vulnerable. This can help you relax and sleep better.

3. Dogs offer warmth.

Dogs already come with fur coats, so you know that they are the ultimate teddy bear. If you live in areas with colder temperatures and a blanket or personal heater isn’t cutting it or enough for you, a dog can probably fill in the difference.

4. Dogs help you fall asleep faster.

Dogs can cure the common bout of insomnia and, unlike sheep, you don’t even have to count them! According to a study, as dogs help reduce stress, they can help you fall asleep quicker and relax your brain.

5. Dogs help out brain chemistry.

Dogs were truly made to be man’s best friend. Touching them releases oxytocin, a chemical with multiple benefits to the brain: increasing feelings of relaxation, trust, and psychological stability. Dogs help both your brain and your mental health.

6. Dogs can calm depression.

Dogs are already there for us when we need them, so they are the perfect buddy to cheer us up. Chemically speaking, that oxytocin can actually increase feelings of happiness and reverse depression.

7. Dogs cause less disturbed sleep in women.

If you are worried about your dog disturbing your sleep patterns, don’t. According to one study, for women especially, dog owners reported having less disturbed sleep due to sharing their bed with their dog.

8. It’s good for dogs too!

Dogs want your love. They want affection. They want to be cherished and feel protected. Being allowed to stay with you as they fall asleep cheers them up just as much as it benefits you, if not more.

Bonus: Dogs just make the best roommates.

Do you let your dog sleep with you? Do you feel any benefits from sharing the bed with one of our 4-legged friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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Well , I have dogs, but I don't do this because this is something like not hygienic.

For example, I have a uncle, that he has a lot of dogs, and he does that, his dogs are on the couch, and something like that, and sometimes on the rocking chair.

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