8 Times We Fell for Beauty Tips That Ended Up Being a Myth

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5 months ago

We all have read or heard about beauty treatments that seem to work. For example, cutting your hair regularly makes it grow faster, washing your face as much as possible will prevent acne from appearing, or getting a little sun every day will make you feel good and look fabulous. But these are all myths, and we have taken it upon ourselves to debunk them and share the truth behind these beauty illusions.

Myth 1: Cutting your hair regularly stimulates its growth.

While cutting your hair from time to time can help prevent split ends and breakage, it is not true that it will make it grow faster. The benefits are obvious, it will help you to have healthier, shinier, and stronger hair, but the reality is that hair growth starts at the roots, so it is not a process that can be accelerated with this practice.

Myth 2: Wearing makeup every day is bad for your skin.

As with everything else, the important thing here is not frequency, but rather proper use. Applying makeup daily is not bad for the skin, as long as it is cleansed correctly afterward. Make sure you choose quality products that do not clog pores and remove them completely before going to bed.

Myth 3: Acne is caused by dirt.

This is a myth that many believe, but acne is not caused by dirt. On the contrary, it is mostly due to a combination of hormonal and genetic factors. In fact, washing your face too often or too hard can even make acne worse due to skin irritation.

Myth 4: Natural products are always better.

So-called natural products are not proven to be better for the skin. It is a reality that not all are safe or effective, many natural ingredients can be irritating or allergenic, and some can even be toxic. It is important to research and read labels carefully before applying any product to your skin.

Myth 5: Sunbathing 15 minutes a day is healthy.

We understand that sunbathing —always with proper protection— is one of the easiest ways to get vitamin D into our bodies. However, tanning is not healthy, as it can cause long-term sun damage and increase the risk of developing skin diseases. There are many other ways to get our dose of vitamin D, such as consuming certain foods.

Myth 6: Anti-wrinkle creams can reverse the signs of aging.

While many of us have looked for it, there is no magic cream that can completely reverse the signs of aging. For all the benefits they offer, make no mistake, and it is important to understand that most anti-wrinkle creams only provide temporary hydration, and are not proven to have a long-lasting effect.

Myth 7: Nails should “breathe” from time to time.

For some reason, we believe that our nails should breathe between manicures. It’s not true, it’s not necessary to let your nails sit for a long time between polishes. They are a part of the body that does not have the ability to breathe. However, letting them rest helps to avoid the build-up of fungus or bacteria.

Myth 8: You should wash your face with hot water.

Washing your face with hot water can increase the skin’s sensitivity level and dry it out, causing it to lose some necessary natural oils. These washes end up being harsh on the skin and can even cause irritation. It is best to use lukewarm water and a mild cleanser to avoid damaging the complexion.

Beauty requires sacrifice and in order to stay beautiful, we readily make these sacrifices. However, as it turns out, many habitual actions and beliefs for sustaining a perfect appearance are actually not that necessary. Moreover, many of them not only waste our time and money but also damage our looks.


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