8 Ways to Lose Extra Calories on “Autopilot”

2 years ago

The word “diet” can overwhelm most of us. But there is always a way around it. There are many methods to help you lose weight without having to change a thing about your regimen. Yes, this really is possible since there are plenty of scientifically-proven methods to help you slim down.

We at Bright Side did our homework and found the best research-backed methods to lose weight with no apparent effort.

1. Eating more protein

When you eat a protein-rich diet, you automatically avoid overeating, which makes you shed some pounds without counting calories. A high protein diet, when combined with exercise, can also help you gain more lean muscle, which will also result in losing weight.

2. Eating while bilndfolded

German study concluded that blindfolded participants ate less food than participants who were able to see their plates. The explanation of this phenomenon is that vision deprivation decreases hedonic hunger — that is, hunger caused not by a necessity for food but by appetitive food. It’s probably time to try a different eating experience then.

3. Drinking water before meals

According to recent research, drinking approximately 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before mealtime can help you slim down. The participants in this research did not change their lifestyle whatsoever, yet they lost approximately 2 kg (4.4 lb). Thus, in order to get in shape, consider drinking1-1.5 liters (34-50 oz) of water daily.

4. Drinking more coffee

If you’re a coffee-lover, here is some great news for you: science has revealed that increasing your coffee and tea consumption can help curb your appetite and control cravings, speed up your metabolism, and increase fat burning while working out.

5. Taking a cold shower

In addition to giving you glowy skin and making you recover faster after an intense workout, cold showers can also aid you in losing some inches around the neck and shoulder area. To clarify, when the body is exposed to a cold environment, such as in the shower, some fat cells start to burn off to generate heat, which leads to weight loss. So maybe it’s time to lower your water temperature when sudsing up.

6. Sitting down before you start eating

We all suffer from busy days when we mindlessly eat while standing or walking. Sadly, repeating such practices, slowly but surely, results in weight gain. To undo the damage, nutritionists believe that sitting down for a meal may help your brain recognize that you’ve had a proper meal, lowering your chances of overeating throughout the day and, therefore, keeping you in shape.

7. Chewing your food

Though nutritionally speaking, 200 calories are 200 calories regardless of how thoroughly you chew them, science seems to have another way of looking at it. By chewing until there are no lumps left, the body burns more calories during digestion. Additionally, chewing slowly might improve blood flow to the stomach. As a result, taking your time while eating can burn an extra 2,000 calories a month.

8. Eating spicy food

It has been scientifically proven that spicy food can cause weight loss since it decreases appetite and increases energy expenditure. More research demonstrates that eating chilies can potentially make people consume fewer calories than what they would normally consume. So adding some hot sauce to your meal may actually help you get rid of some unwanted weight.

Do you have any tips for staying in shape? Let us know in the comments!


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I am an Indian and spicy food is my thing, but I didn't lose weight...since I gained😕

2 years ago
There's no point in hiding the truth, but we'll try.

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