9 Best-Selling Halloween Items That Will Make Your Home Look Spooktacular

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Most scholars agree that Halloween originated about 2,000 years ago! When the Celtic peoples of Europe celebrated the beginning of the new year in a festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in). Well, let’s not break tradition and look at things you can use to celebrate it this year.

1. This bright-colored witch can put you and your guests in a Halloween mood. It’s cuter than gloomy, scary decorations. The broom has steel wire and adjusts to any angle you like.

  • It can easily be tied to a tree, pole, or hung on the front of the house.
  • Size: 51×35 in
  • Made of durable fabrics and has 2 strings on each wrist, ankle, and hat.

Promising review:

This witch is brilliant, I have hung it on my door just to show, and it’s great. Come Halloween, she will be tied to a tree rung with the ties already fixed on her. I love her hair, her socks, shoes, and hat. I just think it is really funny, and unless she gets soaked in the rain, she should be around for a long, long time. Maybe she will move to a different place every year. @ mellowpellow

2. The LED mini ghost shines with a very bright light. It is suitable for Halloween as well as ordinary days. The sturdy base will keep it from falling off, and it’s removable for easy carrying.

  • Available in different shapes and colors
  • It can be charged by both USB and batteries.
  • Size: 23.09×20.7×6.2 cm

Promising review:

Amazing! It lights up my little boy’s entire room blue. Great value for money, great for kids. Highly recommend! @ Emma Brown

3. Pick one — a creative mug for your morning coffee or a magical potion cauldron. Or maybe both, thanks to this unique mug that will serve you well after Halloween.

  • Capacity: 0.4 liters
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Made of durable ceramic

Promising review:

I fell in love instantly with this mug and had to have it. I thought it would be heavy and hard to hold, but none of that. It is a great design and holds a huge amount, which is a real bonus. It is well-balanced and sits on the cup shelf in the dishwasher well. Obviously, the awesome design gets lots of comments, so for me, what with the low price, it’s a win-win. @ Eliza

4. Realistic leaves on a flexible wire garland can decorate your home, kitchen table, or front door. Its bright colors will delight your eyes all fall and on Halloween.

  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • This set includes 2 maple leaf garlands.
  • Each hanging vine is about 5.9 ft long.

Promising review:

Exactly what I was looking for. A nice number of leaves, not too thick and not too bare. Some leaves were unattached when I opened the bag, but they go straight back on and are adjustable (they have a loop to attach and a twig on the main stem). Really nice colors, a few greens and purples in there too. They have a hoop at each end of the stem, so you can hang these from a ceiling or wall. I would definitely buy again! @ Sarah B

5. Create a magical atmosphere at home or at work with these 3D bats. They are perfect for your living room or children’s room. You can place them on any surface you want.

  • Set includes 88 pieces in 4 sizes
  • Easy to stick to the surface without leaving marks
  • Made of durable, waterproof material

Promising review:

I’m in love with it. They hung up super easily with the adhesive squares that they came with. I didn’t use even half of them, but still created a cute little Halloween spot in my apartment. Simple, cute, spooky. @ Tabitha

6. Creepy yet cute toppers are great for decorating your Halloween party table. They come in 6 styles, so you can choose a different one for each dish.

  • The set includes 120 pieces. But you can also opt for a 60-piece set.
  • The pictures on the toothpicks are double-sided.
  • You can use them to decorate cake, fruit, holiday food, and ice cream.

Promising review:

These are fabulous. I had previously ordered some from a different company but was a bit disappointed that you had to stick the toppers onto the sticks yourself. Not so with these; they’re already done! They’re exactly what I wanted and not flimsy at all. Ordered on Saturday afternoon and arrived on Sunday afternoon. Brilliant! @ Normski

7. This cape is suitable for both women and men. It’s made of soft satin fabric and is sure to have a wow effect on everyone who sees you on Halloween!

  • You can choose between black and red.
  • Available in any size
  • The cape has a hood.

Promising review:

The long cape seems well-made; it’s simple but effective. I have a bit of an underfoot issue, and I am 6′ 2″ or 1.88 m. It feels silky and is nicely opaque. The hood is large enough to pull forward and cover most of your face. Used as a cape with a facial snood on a steam train for Halloween to entertain the passengers. @ CjW & KjW

8. You can create an actual mist with your own hands! This fog machine also has 12 LED lights. It can be used for creative decorations and even to humidify the air at home.

  • Easy to use — put it in water, and then the mist appears.
  • It has a waterproof protective function.
  • Capacity: 300 ml

Promising review:

My kids love this; I ordered it for Halloween. It is easy to set up and looks great with the lights as well. @ mel

9. Store snacks or fruit in these web baskets. They are sturdy enough to hold large amounts of food or decorations.

  • The set includes 5 bowls of 3 different colors.
  • Colors in set: 1 pc black, 2 pcs purple, 2 pcs orange
  • Size: ‎27.94×0.03×7.62 cm

Promising review:

They are pretty big and can hold a lot of candy and whatever else you would like in them. These are really sturdy, and I would definitely buy them again next year. @ Amazon Customer

Do you celebrate Halloween every year? How did you decorate your home last year? Share with us in the comments.

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