9 Cleaning Tools That Will Save You Tons of Time and Effort

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Many people find house chores irritating, but doing them still has impressive merit. You might consider mindfully washing your dishes because it is proven that it can seriously decrease your stress level. It is all about concentrating on the present moment. And it can be even more satisfying if you use some effective tools from our list of cleaning aides.

1. These cleaners will turn removing dust into a relaxing and satisfying activity! “Well worth having. Does exactly as it states, getting into other awkward places that need to be cleaned as well as car vents. Would highly recommend them.”

The package consists of three items. Each part of the duster is removable, so the tool is easy to clean.

Promising review:

Great cleaning in car vents. Great product works exactly how expected. — Amazon Customer

Buy the duster HERE

2. A device that will impress you so much that you’re going to have to buy more than one: “It was bought for my husband and was supposed to clean a car, mainly seats, as kids LOVE eating there and make just loads of mess, like every time it happens. Well, my husband will probably need to get another one for the car as I tried it at home and, you know what, this is a brilliant toddler-mess cleaner and biscuit crumbs-everywhere-problem solver. Instead of taking out of the storage our big and heavy hoover a million times a day, it takes me seconds to get rid of all the mess.”

The cordless keyboard cleaner has a rechargeable Li-battery and 2 different vacuum nozzles to reach the tightest spaces.

Promising review:

Compact size yet powerful. It may arrive with a flat battery, but give it a charge overnight, and it can provide quite a strong suction. Worked well for cleaning my keyboards. I would imagine it would work for a car dashboard as well. — latruo

Buy the cleaner HERE

3. This cleaner is a simple yet effective tool to clean your things: “Really good mat to wash make-up brushes on. The different textures help to make the washing go by quicker.”

This mat is made of high-grade silicone. It is eco-friendly and durable. Perfect for both home use and travel.

Promising review:

Omg, I did not expect this cleaning brush pad to be soo effective!! My brushes were cleaned in seconds! My morphe buffing brush often takes me soo long to clean by hand due to the density of the bristles but the time has halved with this pad!! For the price I paid it is super value for money and anyone with makeup brushes should try this!! The suction of the pad is good too! — Deep

Buy the cleaner HERE

4. This cute little vacuum cleaner can be used on any surface and is great for cleaning crumbs and dust from sofas or car seats.

The device works with 2 AA batteries (not included). It is compact and no wire is needed.

Promising review:

I was indeed skeptical about this purchase, however pleasantly surprised! Good deal and the built quality is very good too! — Prash Photo

Buy the desktop vacuum cleaner HERE

5. This is a nice kit for a fan of cleanliness in every detail: “Excellent product, good quality, good cleaning effect. The nib can be cleaned with many dead corners that could not be cleaned before, and the bristles of the brush are very soft and comfortable. The parcel was just delivered in one day! Super fast!”

This handy tool is very easy to use. Cleans the AirPods efficiently.

Promising review:

This little tool is great for cleaning your AirPods and your iPhone. It has everything you need to get the dirt out of the tiny holes, and the brush on the side is perfect to clean everything up. Very pleased with this. — Rajiv Pattar

Buy the kit HERE

6. This cleaning kit will prove its versatility from the very first time you use it: “I needed a set like that to clean the keyboards. It turned out this set is useful in many other locations. The plastic is thick and does not bend. The variety of tools is big, so yeah, it’s a great set!”

All the brushes are reusable. There is a wide range of cleaning brushes available. Easy to use and clean.

Promising review:

Was supa-dupa happy with this — I can get into all the small nooks and crannies of the machines! Will purchase it again when needed. — Laura

Buy the set HERE

7. A great concept came to life. Save your time and energy with these efficient brushes: “This came really quickly, and the seller was effective. It was really simple and easy to use and set up. The brushes are really strong, and I ended up using the smaller circular brush for most of the cleaning in my car. The smaller brush was good for cleaning the carpet and seats in my car. Definitely a useful purchase, especially since I’ll probably end up using it to clean around the house.”

The brushes come in different shapes. Nylon bristles will not scratch surfaces. The brushes can be used with most cordless drills.

Promising review:

What a useful tool for avoiding getting on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush. I have been putting off cleaning the tiles around my stove for a few years as I suffer from arthritis in my knee and kneeling and scrubbing was a chore I had been trying to avoid. And then I stumbled on these, as you do, trawling through Amazon shopping for something else completely unrelated. I looked at quite a few others at first, but I liked the fact that these had an extension attachment, which would make certain jobs easier to reach. So the stove tiles were the first challenge, and boy, these brushes didn’t disappoint. Whilst I brush up the debris around the stove regularly, I never get around to cleaning up the drips from cleaning the stove glass that land on the tiles and accumulate. I was able to do this with a cordless drill on a low setting from the comfort of a chair and was very pleased with the results. I’m looking forward to tackling the shower tile grout, especially in the bottom corners of the tray where other brushes can’t get at. There are bound to be other uses for them, and they are well worth the money. — J. Farrell

Buy the scrubber HERE

8. A tool that will make the dirtiest of your brushes look like new! “I have sensitive eczema-prone skin, and naturally I’m careful (and a little paranoid) about what I put on my skin... Especially dirty brushes! This cleans them perfectly (I use the EcoTools brush shampoo) and they are almost dry when done... Not completely, and I don’t think they are ready to use straight away like some reviewers say, but it’s a lot less drying time than cleaning by hand or with a cleaning mat.”

This kit will keep your brushes in good shape.

It contains:

  • 1x spinning device
  • 1x bowl
  • 2x sachets of makeup brush cleanser
  • 8x flexible silicone collars
  • 1x collar stand
  • 2x AAA batteries

Promising review:

This one has 7 attachments, which other brush cleaners don’t offer. So this is better than other, cheaper versions. Excellent cleaner. I’m disabled with fibromyalgia and the manual cleaner just took too long and hurt my arm. This was so quick. It’s all done in 5-10 minutes, including learning to use it. Drying was super easy, I couldn’t believe it. — Cindy

Buy the brush cleaner HERE

9. A very handy goo will keep your keyboard so clean that you’d probably not believe your eyes. It is suitable for multiple uses and seems to absorb dust quite nicely.

Nice detail to the product: the lime fresh scent. How to use: you need to press the putty to the surface you want to clean, two or three times, and then lift it up.

Promising review:

I have used this reusable cleaning putty in a number of places around the house and in the car. My first thought was for my computer equipment, and it cleaned what dust was on there quite easily, but as I don’t have deep keys and use my computer all the time, the results were, as you would expect.

What I like about this product, though, is that it is actually more useful for cleaning small, fiddly, and hard-to-reach places. My wife’s hairdryer constantly has a build-up in the filter and it takes a bit of picking at to usually remove it all. This worked really well and, by pressing it into the filter and lifting it off, it removed the build-up all in one go.

I received this product to test and try out and give an honest opinion and review. I would recommend it. It comes in a resealable bag and has a lime scent that is not too overpowering. It is slimy to the touch, and while it feels wet, your hands are left dry quite quickly after using it. — Brechreli

Buy the keyboard cleaner HERE

What is your favorite cleaning tool? How does it ease your life?

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