9 Popular Beauty Products That Are Actually Useless

6 months ago

Do you use a day cream, face scrub, or toner on a daily basis? If so, are you sure that your skin really needs all these products? Turns out, we waste millions of dollars every year on useless beauty items that can’t actually minimize our pores, plump our cheeks, or fix those little wrinkles around our eyes. Unfortunately, we don’t even think of this and continue wasting our money as our eyes are attracted to cute packaging and colorful ads on TV.

Bright Side found out what beauty products you really don’t need because they are either totally unnecessary or could easily be replaced by something else.

9. Face masks

Face masks are a classic example of a “feel good” beauty product that is not necessary. In fact, if you feel the need to use a face mask weekly, there’s probably something wrong with your daily routine.

What to use instead: If your skin feels great after a yogurt or enzyme mask, it’s probably because of the acids that remove dead cells and make it easier for moisture to penetrate into your skin. In this case, try to change your face cream. If your oily skin feels much better after using a clay mask, try to include a salicylic acid product in your skin care routine.

8. Makeup remover

Today, there are tons of innovative cleansers that can both remove your makeup and clean your skin at the same time. That’s why makeup removers as a separate beauty product have become pretty obsolete and unnecessary.

What to use instead: micellar water, cleansers, makeup removing wipes, and coconut oil. Choose anything you’d like to make your skin care routine easier.

7. Eye cream

Eye cream is usually marked for the “sensitive area around your eyes”. But don’t you think that it sounds a bit off? In reality, most eye creams do very little other than moisturize your skin’s surface because they can’t go deep enough through it. So even if there are visible results after using your eye cream, it’s only for a short period of time.

What to use instead: The skin around your eyes is thin and vulnerable to UV radiation, so you should moisturize this area and wear sunscreen regularly.

6. Exfoliating scrub

When you exfoliate your skin, you may think that you’re taking care of it, but you’re actually harming it. Exfoliating scrubs remove the outer layer of your skin, stripping out a barrier that protects it from the environment. Of course, your skin feels oil-free, but this result is temporary. After scrubbing, your oil glands start producing even more oil which leads to an imbalance in your skin.

What to use instead: Rather than scrub in vain, follow a consistent skin care routine that really works for your skin type.

5. Stretch mark cream

stretch mark is a type of scar that develops from the inside of your body. So, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do cosmetically to remove it. As a rule, expensive over-the-counter products that promise to “lessen” the appearance of stretch marks just make them look better by moisturizing your skin.

What to use instead: Cocoa butter, petroleum jelly, or any cheap moisturizer will save you money and do the same work on your skin.

4. Toner

Toner isn’t actually useless as its main job is to even out the pH levels of your skin. However, if you wash and moisturize your face properly and don’t use too many harsh products, your skin should be okay without a toner at all.

If you use toner for a long time, it also tends to dehydrate and irritate your skin because it contains alcohol in one form or another which removes natural oil from your face.

What to use instead: If you don’t have very oily, acne prone skin, you can completely ditch your toner and use a cleanser appropriate for your skin type. After washing your face, just use a washcloth to remove dirt and leftover bits of makeup.

3. Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara can certainly last forever. And if you think it’s okay, you’re absolutely wrong. Waxes and silicones that make this type of mascara more resilient against sweat, tears, and water aren’t actually doing your lashes any favors — these ingredients can seriously dry them out which can lead to them falling out with time.

What to use instead: Plain old washable mascara can produce the same effect as your waterproof one. Besides that, when washing it out, you won’t irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes.

2. In-shower self-tanning lotion

At first glance, in-shower self-tanning lotion sounds like a total game-changer. However, in reality, it doesn’t actually work, is awkward to apply, and leaves an awful smell in your bathroom that can last for days.

What to use instead: A traditional, gradual self-tanning lotion or body mist will work best if you want to get a beautiful, even tan.

1. Day cream

Day creams were invented back when women carried parasols and didn’t go outside that much. So today it’s just a pricey throwback that doesn’t play any role in protecting your skin from getting dry or from UV radiation, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sunlight.

What to use instead: If you really want to protect your skin during the daytime, it’s better to apply a sunscreen that contains all the necessary moisturizers and antioxidants.

Do you use any of these products? What’s the most useless beauty product you’ve ever bought? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for Bright Side


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I will show it to my sisters, I think they can get some useful information out of this article!


Hm.. Interesting info about scrums. What about different peelings? Are they harmful too?


There are different toners in the market right now, for every skin type, without alcohol and such. Everyone can find something useful for them. And t's better to combine with other skin care routine: creams, serums, oils and so.
Toners are really good for dry and sensitive skin, that gets irritated from being washed with water


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