9 Types of “Selfish” Behavior We Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

5 years ago

Although being called “selfish” may sound offensive, it doesn’t always mean that a person has done something wrong. It’s more likely that they stopped being a wallflower and learned to stand up for themselves. And this quality irritates many people.

Bright Side has made a list of 9 types of so-called selfish behavior that actually indicates that a person is psychologically mature.

9. To demand compensation

A bad hairstyle, a too-salty soup, or defective merchandise are good reasons to complain. Specialists recommend expressing your dissatisfaction with the service and asking to fix this unpleasant situation. If it’s impossible, you’re entitled to compensation.

There are different forms of compensation:

  • To render a service free of charge
  • To return the defective goods
  • To get a discount or a gift card
  • To get a compensation in the form of a lump sum

A manager or an owner can usually solve these problems.

8. To do nothing

When a person feels guilty because of a lack of productivity or an inability to meet deadlines, it may be a sign of a low self-esteem coupled with a strong sense of responsibility. We have read dozens of articles on how to boost our work performance but we often forget that sometimes we need to stop, relax, and have some time for ourselves.

7. To refuse to gossip

Gossiping in the workplace or with friends is a widespread habit and a refusal to participate in it may cause conflict. For your peace of mind, it’s better to express your opinion in a straightforward manner even if it may sound harsh.

6. To separate your personal and professional life

Although it’s completely normal to ask your clients or colleagues to not disturb you after 6 or 7 p.m., it may cause a misunderstanding. However, psychologists believe that the ability to separate your personal and professional life isn’t actually selfish behavior but an effective method to prevent professional burnout.

5. To take your place

When you’re on a plane or a train, there are always people who want to change seats for various reasons. But you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! You also don’t have to make up excuses for your behavior. All in all, it’s possible to book a seat in advance if it’s that important.

4. To ask for a raise

Imposter syndrome can make you doubt if you’re good enough for your current position and refuse a promotion. However, you should always ask your boss for a raise if you feel like you’re capable of doing a more difficult job and have a strong connection with your colleagues. Of course, only do it if you’re interested in a higher position.

3. To stop being everyone’s shoulder to cry on

If your friend calls you every day to complain about their life and it goes on for many years, maybe it’s time to think about your relationship. Friendship should bring joy and inspiration and it should work both ways. It’s essential to help and support your friends, but you should do it right:

  • Try to help a person stop feeling like a victim.
  • Give good advice or express your concern.
  • Don’t forget about your family and psychological comfort.

Pay more attention to your feelings after a conversation — do you feel psychologically satisfied or like you’re being used?

2. To do things for yourself

Living your life for others may look noble but can lead to devastating consequences. Psychological maturity means that a person can separate their real desires and aspirations from imposed ones and can make their dreams come true.

Besides, psychologists claim that only people with adequate self-esteem and an ability to do things for themselves can build a happy family and become good parents.

1. Not to be afraid of public opinion

The ability to freely express emotions and opinions is one of the main features of a strong personality. Strong people aren’t ashamed to say no to a meeting or a relationship with a person they aren’t interested in, speak their minds, or look silly.

What “selfish” behavior do you find normal and rational? Share with us in the comments!

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