9 Unique Decorative Items That Will Spice Up Your Interior

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You’ve probably seen pictures of interiors that made you want to say, “Nice, but kind of boring!” That usually happens because the decoration lacks personality. But a few fun and colorful decorative items can breathe new life into even the most ordinary interior.

In this selection from Bright Side, we’ll tell you what items to add to make your old room shine with new colors.

1. This plastic hand-shaped jewelry holder is a truly artistic gift. Designed to display rings, necklaces, and bracelets, it keeps your space organized. It also helps you avoid losing your jewelry. It’s a cute and simple item with bright colors and an original design!

4.3 stars out of 5

The stand is made of plastic, making it durable, portable, and easy to clean and maintain. According to reviews, its size and straightforward design make it perfect for your nightstand to put your jewelry before going to bed.

Promising preview: It’s a great jewelry holder. I use it mainly for my rings. It is very sturdy and elegant. @kaz

Buy this holder on Amazon now.

2. Salvador Dali fans and anyone who loves unique interior details will love this melting clock. The surrealistic but functional decoration will stand out in any room; it is practical enough for everyday use. This carefully crafted clock can hang from any flat surface.

4.4 stars out of 5

On the one hand, this clock looks like it came straight out of a painting by Dali, but on the other hand, it’s as affordable as any other clock. Its classic yet unique design will match any style and is available in various colors so that it will blend into your interior no matter the style.

Promising review: It is absolutely gorgeous, very worth the purchase just for its bizarre shape, but it is lighter than expected, but that’s not really an issue for an ornamental piece. @Michael

Buy this clock on Amazon now.

3. If you prefer modern over retro decor, then this balloon dog decor is just what you need. Handcrafted from resin, the figurine will ensure that your home is decorated following the latest trends. Its compact size makes it perfect for a table, shelf, or nightstand.

4.3 stars out of 5

It is freestanding and can be placed anywhere you like. It is an excellent gift for your family members or a unique decoration piece.

Promising review: It’s great value for money. It is great quality and looks both contemporary and fun.
@Mrs Virginia Ware-Sykes

Buy this sculpture on Amazon now.

4. This essential toilet brush has an adorable and unique design. Placing a small cherry next to your toilet won’t disturb the view of your bathroom. The space-saving design fits in tight spots and is easy to store.

4.4 stars out of 5

The shape of the handle is designed for a secure, comfortable grip. Its rigidity also makes cleaning easier.

Promising review: My daughter bought this for her college apartment, and it is so darn cute! Seriously, who wouldn’t want a toilet bowl brush that looks like a cherry?! Cute and functional is the name of the game! I’m assuming she hasn’t had any problems with how it cleans because she hasn’t mentioned it and keeps telling me how much she loves it! You know you’re on your way to adulthood when a toilet bowl brush brings this much joy! @Brauergirl

Buy this toilet brush on Amazon now.

5. This electric jellyfish tank creates a peaceful atmosphere in any room. The dim, colorful light can help you fall asleep, and the whisper-quiet motor won’t disturb you. This tank will help create a stress-free environment for yourself or your children.

4.1 stars out of 5

These tanks are great for use in any environment, whenever you need a little break from work or full-time meditation. The jellyfish look real, with tentacles floating underneath. Plus, the color control provides a stimulating and calming environment for you or your child.

Promising review: Hello, the item is excellent and functions properly. I soaked my jellyfish in a cup of warm water with washing-up liquid in it for 2 hours, then rinsed them off in warm water. I filled my tank with room temperature bottled water and kept it running for 10 minutes before adding my jellyfish.
It works great, no bubbles or foaming, and looks fantastic. Very happy with this great item at a good price. There are cheaper ones out there, but I did my research, and it’s best to pay a tad more and get this one. It’s worth the extra. @norman deegan

Buy this jellyfish tank on Amazon now.

6. If you love parties and want to bring some nightlife into your home, this disco ball is just what you need. It’s easy to mount on the wall or ceiling. It reflects light, so consider buying it with some interesting light sources from this article for a perfect combo!

4.5 stars out of 5

This product works as an everyday home decoration or the ultimate addition to your disco-themed party. It adds a touch of retro to your home — ideal for photo props, bars, weddings, or banquets.

Promising review: I hooked it up in our tent in our garden for my daughter’s 5th birthday back in Jan, and it is absolutely fab. Thank you! @Lunas

Buy this disco ball on Amazon now.

7. Interesting lights and lamps play a big role in the style and coziness of a home. These light panels feature RGB settings and work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. With its sleek and ultra-thin design, they’re a must-have when it comes to furnishing your work or leisure area.

4.4 stars out of 5

Lighting is crucial in any room; it helps create the atmosphere and feel of the area. These panels transform your space with real-time music synchronization, touch interactions, screen mirroring, and much more.

Promising review: Love these lights, they have some amazing colors you can set up, and I would recommend them if you like gadgets. Enjoy! @Mark Reardon

Buy these light panels on Amazon now.

8. We bet you’ll never guess what this is! This lip-shaped telephone looks like something out of a cartoon, but the decorative piece is available on Amazon. It makes a fun gift for your family or friends. Your guests will always ask you where you got this unique phone. Even the kids will enjoy playing with it.

4.4 stars out of 5

This phone is not only functional; it also brings an irreplaceable dash of personality to your decor. And if you don’t use it, it’s at least worth buying for its original look.

Promising review: The phone is very cute. It’s very lightweight, so it moves around when you are talking on it. It is easy to assemble. The ringer is loud, and the numbers are easy to read. I purchased it more for its attractive design. I would definitely purchase it again. @KALEN CARROLL

Buy this phone on Amazon now.

9. This vintage-looking Coca-Cola salt and pepper shaker set will spice up your kitchen! The compact design won’t take up much space on your dining table but will add a retro feel and style.

4.7 stars out of 5

This salt and pepper set is made of high-quality materials, and the Coca-Cola bottles have a detailed design. With this set, your kitchen is guaranteed to be unique.

Promising review: A really fun, nostalgic item. It seems to be of substantial weight, so it should remain stationary. The details on the coke bottles are great, exactly as these bottles appeared in the 50s and 60s. I’m a little concerned about the screw cap. To prevent overspill, they must be precisely seated. Caps may loosen over time. The chrome plating is excellent and adds a nice pop to the overall look. Overall, this is an excellent item for enhancing a vintage or retro-looking kitchen or recreational area in the home. Love it! @Loretta Nickerson

Buy this shaker set on Amazon now.

What unusual or everyday objects do you use as decorations? What decorative items are also convenient and useful in everyday life?

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