9 Ways to Regrow Your Hair Naturally and Forget About Bald Spots

3 years ago

A minor loss of some hair daily is normal for many people, especially for those who’ve undergone weight loss, given birth, experienced daily stress, or had different medical conditions. However, due to certain factors, it can sometimes turn into excessive hair loss and cause baldness. Luckily, there are some easy and effective ways to save your hair and even make it stronger.

Bright Side searches daily for useful tricks that can help our readers. This time we have carefully collected these pieces of advice that will surely help you to fight baldness. Don’t forget to save them!

1. Try foods that stimulate hair growth.

Incorrect diet can be the reason for hair loss, but adding the right products to it can change the situation. Great foods that promote hair growth are:

2. Give your scalp an oily treat.

Rubbing your head and applying hair masks can be just as beneficial as adjusting your diet. You can try head massages and masks using different types of oils. It helps to remove tension and promote hair growth in your dermal papilla cells.

  • Rosemary oil can be used to treat baldness and stimulate hair to grow back. Use its drops to massage your scalp several times a week.
  • Geranium oil is a product known for its hair growth-promoting effects. You can mix it with a carrier oil and apply it as a mask or add it to your shampoo to use during the week.
  • Aloe vera gel can be used to combat dandruff, a condition that can lead to an itchy scalp. If you scratch it too much, you can even damage your skin. Small wounds, rashes, and irritation can damage your hair and even cause hair loss. And aloe vera is known for healing wounds.

3. Make use of onion juice.

Its smell might not be very pleasant but onion juice, along with its pieces, can be an effective aid for spot baldness. It contains nutrients, that when applied to hair, are beneficial for the follicles. It conditions and promotes hair growth. You can squeeze some juice or mash an onion into a paste, then apply it all around your scalp.

4. Add green tea.

One of the greatest sources of antioxidants, green tea is known as a supplement that is used for treating different health problems. It contains epigallocatechin gallate that can be used for regrowing hair. During a small study, volunteers with baldness took a new supplement that contained green tea extract, vitamin D, Omega-3, Omega-6, and other elements. The results have shown that impressive hair regrowth was noticed in 80% of the participants.

5. Check your vitamin D levels.

There might be a connection between lower levels of vitamin D and having spot baldness. Therefore, consulting with your doctor and getting the necessary checks could be important. Using vitamin D supplements that are prescribed by your doctor, maintaining a healthy diet, and exposing yourself to the sun might help you treat hair loss way faster than you expected.

6. Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet.

Styling your hair right after you wash it can cause significant damage. If you keep doing this kind of harm too often, it can lead to hair loss and baldness. Instead, let your hair get dry and then use a wide-tooth comb for a gentle brush.

7. Add pumpkin seed oil.

In a big study, one part of the participants with pattern baldness were asked to take pumpkin seed oil supplements, another part took a placebo. At the end of the experiment, the results showed significant hair growth in the first group. Though, more research is required on this, adding this product to your diet, combined with other useful elements, can be very beneficial for you.

8. Try shampoo with licorice.

Chinese licorice has benefits including stimulating hair roots, supporting the growth of hair, and reducing hair thinning. An easy way to use it is in shampoo. You can replace your previous product with a natural herbal shampoo that contains licorice and use it on a daily basis.

9. Consider ginger as an option.

According to another study, ginger contains bioactive compounds that might improve hair growth, and it can also have antifungal, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects over your scalp. You can make use of its juice or oil by turning it into a nutritious scalp mask. Combine it with a carrier oil like jojoba, coconut, or argan, and apply it to your hair. Cover your head with a cap for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.

Do you have your own tips on how to promote hair growth?

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