A Clinical Psychologist Draws Pictures in His Free Time. You Have to Look Inside Yourself to Understand Them

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Cyril Rolando lives in France and works as a clinical psychologist. A lot of things in psychology are discovered through pictures, this is why he decided to draw illustrations. The artist calls his pictures “dreams you can touch” and in order to start drawing, he just goes back to his own childhood when his imagination could change his world.

Bright Side has collected the most beautiful works of this French artist. We are sure that people who love the connection between beauty and symbolism will love these pictures.

A painting as a door

Tea time

The two shall become one

The piano

Meet me halfway

After the rain

A world of poetry

I miss you

Show me love


A new journey

The great escape


Outburst of violence

The glimmers of Aurora

I want to talk to you

As time goes by

Raw ambition

Connected to myself


Which of Cyril Rolando’s works did you like the most?


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