A Company Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Plush Toys That Are So Cute, You’ll Want to Pick Up Crayons and Create Your Own

3 years ago

Imagine having your pen and paper sketch turn into a larger-than-life stuffed animal. This is the specialty of Budsies, a South Florida-based company that is on a mission to make the world more huggable. They can turn any piece of artwork into a fluffy creature, “empowering anyone to make their own line of toys.”

We at Bright Side believe in the joy of dreams becoming a reality, and here is proof that a fragment of your imagination can become a real-life cuddly buddy!

Baby Yoda

A touch and feel flower

Freddy the scarecrow

SPIKBOW the friendly monster

The perfect princess

From paper to plushy

The girl in the lemon dress

Sammy the demon fox

Fluffer the flying snake

Apollo Sunstream

Mr. Bear and Scarlett the scientist

A pink and plushy rainbow giraffe

Slen the pig

Robinsong the cat

A rainbow unicorn doll

Story characters that literally came to life

The Sweet Tooth Budsies

Professor Pow the mad scientist

The 7-eyed monster

Do you have a childhood drawing or favorite character that you’d like to turn into a Budsies?


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oh wow!! I love these... so amazing and such a talented company, which child doesn't want to see their drawings in cuddly toy form?! love it!!


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