A Dad Goes Viral After Sharing That His Son Has Worms, Warns Parents: “It’s Common”

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5 months ago

A dad recently shared an unexpected parenting moment on TikTok. While briskly walking through a store parking lot, Justin, who goes by @drumbeatlane on TikTok, disclosed with a bit of discomfort, “So, my kid has worms.”

Justin wasn’t shy about expressing his feelings.

According to him, it’s surprisingly common for a child to have worms in that sensitive area, describing the experience as nonchalant and perfectly ordinary. Justin then humorously recounted the misadventures he faced while trying to secure the required medication for his 5-year-old son. Justin found himself in a 20-minute search for the medication, only to realize the box had been turned to its Spanish side rather than the English side.

Reflecting on the situation, he mentioned that he might have been stuck in the aisle if he hadn’t sent pictures to his wife. Justin credited his wife’s quick thinking for finding the medication by simply turning the box around, something he hadn’t thought of doing himself.

Initially, he didn’t consider it a big deal.

In an interview regarding the viral incident, Justin recounted that the sequence of events began with his son intermittently complaining about an ’itchy booty crack’ for a few weeks. Justin informed they he and his wife have been working hard to get him to wipe himself after using the bathroom. So they assumed he just wasn’t wiping good enough.

He continued by explaining that after several days of checking and confirming his son’s good wiping, his wife started researching about pinworms.

Checking the sleeping boy confirmed her suspicions with visual proof of the worms.

They’d been trying really hard to get their son to stop his thumb sucking habit, thinking that might be what caused the worms, Justin explained. He said it’s common for kids to get worms by touching something in public with eggs on it, and then putting their fingers in their mouths.

At first, Justin and his wife decided to give their son the medicine without telling him all the details, but they changed their minds later on.

After giving him the medicine, Justin’s wife explained to their son that he had worms making him itchy. She reassured him that it’s pretty common and not a big deal. The boy thought it was cool and wasn’t worried. Justin mentioned that his daughter, on the other hand, overheard what was happening and completely freaked out.

Pinworms are common in children under 10.

Following the medicine label’s advice to treat the whole family, they gave her a dose, telling her that if she had worms, the medicine would fix the problem. Taking the medicine seemed to calm her fears.

Justin initially worried that dealing with the situation would be challenging. He hadn’t heard of such a condition before, and it sounded terrible and dangerous. He was surprised to learn that the issue was common enough not to require a doctor or prescription for treatment.

Using an over-the-counter solution kept his entire family symptom-free. However, comments on the video warned that merely washing sheets and moving on doesn’t guarantee safety.

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Preview photo credit drumbeatlane / TikTok


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