A Dentist Says Your Teeth Can Say a Lot About Your Personality

6 months ago

Our teeth serve multiple purposes in our lives. They enable us to enjoy delectable meals, safeguard us from harmful viruses, and provide a means for expressing our emotions through radiant smiles. However, beyond their functional roles, our teeth also play a significant part in identifying us as distinct individuals.

Dentist says our teeth can reflect our personality.

According to cosmetic dentist Dr Sahil Patel, the shape of our teeth can potentially communicate certain traits about our personalities, such as being organized, chaotic, kind, or even aggressive.

Dr Patel, the expert and founder of Marylebone Smile Clinic in London, has revealed that the message conveyed by our teeth may often go unnoticed. For instance, oval-shaped teeth are said to indicate a carefree and outgoing nature, whereas squared teeth tend to give off a more “masculine and older” impression.

Additionally, quirks like white spots or uneven edges on teeth might be seen as indicative of kindness and creativity. It’s interesting to consider how our teeth, beyond their functional purpose, may potentially reflect certain aspects of our personality.

Squoval teeth

According to Dr Sahil Patel, ’squoval’ teeth, a combination of square and oval shapes, do not convey any dominant traits but instead suggest sophistication and calmness. Dr Patel compares this tooth shape to a classic nail design with rounded corners but an overall element of squareness. The ’squoval’ shape doesn’t communicate any intense messages and emits subtle and serene energy. It is considered a safe tooth shape as it doesn’t impose strong personality effects and suits most individuals.

Dr Patel further explains that when considering most people’s facial profiles, there are sharp angles observed at the lower jaw, upper cheekbones, and forehead. However, these angles are softened by the natural shape and distribution of fat within the skin covering the underlying bone structure.

In summary, ’squoval’ teeth are associated with traits such as sophistication, calmness, and affability, making it a favorable and harmonious tooth shape.

Oval teeth

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

According to Dr Sahil Patel, oval teeth convey a feminine and youthful energy, reflecting a carefree nature. Oval teeth have a rounded shape in all dimensions and are considered a classic representation of femininity and youthfulness.

Due to their association with femininity, oval teeth exude charm and emit softer energy. Dr Patel mentions that the suitability of oval teeth depends on an individual’s facial features. For instance, rounded facial features would complement rounded or ovoid teeth, as illustrated in the example.

In terms of personality traits, oval teeth suggest a carefree, positive, and outgoing nature. Their aesthetic appeal is linked to a more relaxed and lively personality.

Square teeth

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According to the dentist, square teeth are associated with traits such as seriousness, maturity, and efficiency. Dr Sahil Patel advises that square teeth have a masculine and older aesthetic, which may give the impression of a strong and straightforward personality. Over time, natural tooth wear tends to make most people’s teeth acquire a more square appearance.

While square teeth are not necessarily negative, they are often associated with an older age group due to the effects of tooth wear. Dr Patel notes that nowadays, there is a growing preference for age-appropriate teeth as people seek a more natural aesthetic.

In terms of personality, square teeth can be linked to seriousness, maturity, and efficiency. These traits are often attributed to individuals with square-shaped teeth.

Triangular teeth

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According to Dr Sahil Patel, triangular teeth have a distinctive shape where they appear to flare outwards significantly. This unique shape is said to convey a whimsical charm and a sense of uniqueness. Dr Patel explains that triangular teeth are typically considered developmentally normal and can look great depending on an individual’s personality and facial profile.

In terms of personality traits, triangular teeth are associated with dominance, creativity, motion, free-thinking, and quirkiness. These teeth are believed to reflect individuals who possess a strong presence, exhibit creative thinking, embrace movement, and have a unique and unconventional nature.

No matter what shape of teeth you have the most important thing is to maintain them healthy. Don’t brush your teeth too hard and don’t forget to make a professional cleaning every year. Keep your mouth clean throughout the day as it is connected to the respiratory and digestive tract.


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