A Famous Comedian Asked Only 2 Questions and Changed the Lives of 17,000 Couples

5 years ago

Daniel Sloss, a stand-up comedian from Scotland, has an unusual show: he made a special and really philosophical speech on just one idea that changed the lives of thousands of couples.

According to the comedian himself, true love will not be affected by his speech. But, if a person is in that 80% who actually made a mistake about their current relationship, they should answer the question that Daniel asks in his monologue.

After the show, the response was unbelievable. Daniel started counting the people who ended their relationships and salvaged their own lives. Recently, the number has reached 17,000. This is an incredible result that really shocked us at Bright Side, so we decided to tell you about it.

In his show, Sloss talks about how unpopular it is to be single. He provides a lot of proof that every person has this idea in their head from childhood. He quotes his father, who explained the meaning of life to 7-year-old Daniel:

“Look, boy. Imagine that every person’s life is a jigsaw puzzle. We spend our entire lives trying to find all the pieces using our experience and the lessons we learn, until we get a better version. But the thing is, everyone has lost the box for the puzzle. So, nobody knows what they should have in the end. And the best way to do the puzzle is to start from the outside — from all 4 sides: family, friends, hobby, job. And their condition changes throughout time: sometimes you make new friends and lose old ones. Sometimes, your job can affect your hobbies and you need to decide what you want more by moving the pieces. Sometimes, a family member can die leaving a hole in your life, so you need to fill it with something or the puzzle will be unfinished. And in the middle, there is a piece of your soulmate. Someday, a perfect stranger will make you and your life whole, as your mother did with me.”

Then he started to think that these cute ideas, along with modern culture, often make young people “choose the wrong person and try to squeeze them into their lives even though the puzzle piece is wrong.

And according to Sloss, this is because most people don’t realize that other people have just as deep, complex, and self-sufficient personalities. They also spend years trying to solve their puzzles. They don’t want to drop their vision just to fit into someone else’s. You would be angry if someone asked you to do this. But if you like each other, you should do the puzzle together, which can be really difficult. But you still do it, you are driven by love and interest. And maybe, for the first couple of years, everything goes as it should: a piece of me is in the other person’s puzzle, and a part of them is in mine. But time doesn’t mean success. You can spend 2, 5, or 10 years with someone and then realize that you want to have different outcomes. And this is the moment when you have to ask yourself 2 really important questions: First, do I realize that I just wasted 2, 5, or 10 years of my life? Second, do I want to waste the rest of my life?

By the end of the monologue, viewers realize that the comedian’s father made a mistake with the central piece of the puzzle, because it should have happiness there, not love. It’s just that for him, these 2 words mean the same thing. Daniel concludes that we shouldn’t just comply with the social model of having to have a relationship and change yourself for it, saying, “If a person doesn’t love me the way I am, it means that they don’t love me fully: they love the fake idea of me created in their head. It’s not my fault if I don’t meet their expectations.

But don’t panic! Sloss explains:

“If you are in a relationship you feel happy to have and the same is true for your partner — it’s great! And if you don’t like the questions I asked, it’s because you are terrified of the answers. Because the worst thing you can do with your life is to spend it with the wrong person. There are 7.5 billion people in this world and you found a soulmate just 50 miles from your house! What a coincidence! I’m not saying that finding love is impossible. It’s just that statistically, you most likely haven’t found it. I’m sure that 80% of all relationships are fake. It’s just that there are a bunch of people who don’t know how to be alone and are making other people waste their precious time.”

As a result, this hour-long show of a seemingly regular stand-up comedian had this therapeutic effect. Many people decided to stop their painful and depressing relationships and thanked Sloss on Twitter. We are not sure if this man is playing a role that is too big for him, but we recommend watching the show to anyone, because this is a completely new approach to stand-up comedy.

  • You can watch the full show on Netflix.

So, what do you think about this show? Do you think that stand-up comedy shows should probably not be this serious?

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oh my!! what’s happening to this world.. where is tolerance.. patience and selfless love... all what made a marriage work is slowly vanishing.. divorce is becoming so easy nowadays.. . i am not saying to withstand a partner who cheats or physically abuses..but quitting because of different personalities or difference in opinions is just sad .. kids who are unfortunate enough to be born into such families are the ones who are getting victimised...


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