8 History Making Album Covers That Were Recreated as Cartoon Characters

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Linda Bouderbala is an illustrator from France who discovered her love for art from a really young age. Scrolling through her art, you will notice that the colors she uses are very vibrant and the people she draws are expressive. One of her projects involves recreating famous album covers as if they were part of a cartoon world.

At Bright Side, we loved Linda’s work, and we decided to have a little chat with her to learn more about her life and work.

Art is deeply rooted in her family

6 Feet Covers/Ferrari Press/East News, © Apple Records, © linda_bouderbala / Instagram

Both her father and sister are really good at drawing, and her mother has always been very creative. So, it was only natural that Linda became very interested in drawing and sewing from a very early age. She actually sewed her very first tops and bag at the age of 15. She then experimented with mosaic, polymer clay and also created a lot of jewelry, but eventually returned to her original love which was drawing.

As she told us, “This is my favorite way to express my ideas. I started to post drawings on my IG account in 2017 and when I see all the progress I’ve made since, I don’t regret it. I’m still not a full time artist yet, but it’s definitely a life goal.”

She loves vibrant colors and expressive characters

She says: “I love doing fan art and pop culture is itself full of vivid colors, so I guess that’s where it all started. I love comics and graphic novels and have always been fascinated by the narrative and expressions of the characters. I love cartoons and anime because they are full of color and good vibes. I think that’s what I try to apply to my work.”

She gets her inspiration from everyday life

“I love to find some insight and apply it to my favorite characters, like I did for my works ‘first day at the beach’ or ‘supermarket’. The funniest and most surprising things can come from the more basic thought. That’s how I like to see things.”

Her love for music has always been very strong

Having a dad who was also a great musician made Linda appreciate good music. She grew up listening to Queen, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Otis Redding. So, she would take these albums and study their covers very carefully. Her wish to create a project where she would redraw these covers lingered in her brain for a long time.

As she puts it, “I’ve wanted to do this series for a long time, but I saw some other works on the same subject and I felt that maybe I wasn’t so creative after all. But after a while, the will to do it remained, and I had more and more album covers I wanted to redraw, so I decided to finally put it on paper once and for all.”

Did you enjoy Linda’s work? If so, why don’t you pay a visit to her Instagram account? It is full of vibrant works of art that will make your day.


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