A German Artist Makes Pictures That Are So Surreal, You May Need to Look Twice

3 years ago

Monica Carvalho is the unusual photographer who likes to play with perception. She connects her photos into freakish collages. Her incredible images confuse the brain and make you want to look at them one more time. “Don’t trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar,” the photographer says on her Instagram page. Let’s plunge into the extraordinary world of this creative girl.

Bright Side gathered 26 pictures made by this German artist and they will make you take a second glance.

26. Haunted by the best dreams

25. Paris strolls are exactly like hiking.

24. Portable sea breeze

23. “Сreate yourself”

22. Beach in your hand — pretty good idea

21. “May I please have one more cup of mountains?”

20. Get dressed and leave your problems on the rack.

19. Drink coffee to boost your energy.

18. Where can I buy these glasses?

17. Perfect trip

16. Well, this is the first time that all of us can agree on the cloud’s shape.

15. Cool garden of creations!

14. When you hear your favorite song:

13. “Pet the cat.”

12. Monday vibes

11. New day, new cup

10. Artist’s bread

9. Do you dive head first into your devices?

8. This is what waiting looks like:

7. Listen to the sea in your mind.

6. We wanna waste the whole day lying around.

5. Mountain hair day

4. If eyes are oceans, eyelashes are pine trees.

3. Natural makeup

2. Wide open spaces on the human body

1. Let’s go!

Which picture do you like the most? Do you like this type of art? Tell us in the comments!


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