A Girl From Russia Makes Felt Cats That Are So Cute, You’d Think They Wandered Straight Out of a Children’s Tale

3 years ago

Russian artist Elizabeth Delektorskaya is the creator behind the cutest felt cats you’ll see online. While they seem to pose for the cameras and look remarkably like real cats, each of these kitties are hand made and are unique masterpieces. The felt, which is often used by real cats to play with, was the material Delektorskaya chose to bring these creatures to life. Some of them seem to be waiting for their owner while others appear to be enjoying a nice walk in the park.

An important piece of information that the artist herself wishes to convey on her Instagram account is that even though we may feel like cuddling with the creations, they are actually collector’s items, meaning they’re fragile and are to be held delicately.

Bright Side checked Elizabeth’s Instagram account in search of the cutest cats she’s made, and since it was so difficult to make a 10-item list, we went for 30. Take a look at them and let us know if you can resist from wanting to cuddle with them.

1. “This is my little brother.”

2. “I’m ready to go! I’m coming with you, right?”

3. “No matter how long it takes you to come back, I’ll be waiting here with my rose.”

4. “Yes, I know. I’m the ideal gift for a romantic occasion.”

5. “Mom is coming right back. Don’t open the door to strangers!”

6. “Welcome! I was waiting for you.”

7. “Nothing’s better for sleeping that a cold winter’s night.”

8. “I came from far away with this friend of mine. Will you let us in?”

9. “We just wanted to drink a bit of milk and the bowl fell over. You won’t punish us, right?”

10. “We’re posing for a Valentine’s Day picture. Do we have to smile?”

11. “We’re a bit naughty, it’s true, but we’re adorable as well!”

12. “We’re twins, it’s just that she’s a bit scared.”

13. “Look at how beautiful my necklace is! Worthy of a queen, like me.”

14. “Ready to go out into the cold!”

15. “When will they come back?”

16. “Can you please adopt the 3 of us?”

17. “They dressed me as a fairy from a tale, but I’m not sure I agreed to it.”

18. “This is how they give us away, all in a box.”

19. “I’m not a cat, I know, but trust me anyway. I’m also domesticated.”

20. “Will you take care of me? I’m now in your hands!”

21. “Look who I ran into when I was walking down the street!”

22. “It’s hard to choose just one, we know. Why don’t you take the 3 of them then?”

23. “Please help me get up on your shoulders. You have a better view from up there!”

24. “What do you think of my whiskers?”

25. “It’s so nice to take a walk in the fall!”

26. “You don’t believe those old tales about bad luck, do you?”

27. “For now, just stay here. We can take a walk later.”

28. “You opened your heart and gave me the key, and now you’re going to leave?”

29. “Oh, you found me!”

30. “I’m made just for you.”

Which of these super cute cats did you like the best? Do you know any other artists that work on similar projects? Let us know in the comment section!


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