A Greek Artist Imagines What Would Things Say If They Could Talk

4 years ago

HandsOffMyDinosaur! is the alias of designer and illustrator, Teo Zirinis. Inspired by food, books, cartoons and everyday life, Zirinis always tries to look at the funny, happy side of things and turns his ideas into drawings. These sweet masterpieces will definitely make your day brighter and put a big smile on your face.

Sometimes to make ourselves feel better, we need to see or hear something sweet. Teo Zirins is one of those amazing artists who can show you everyday things from a different angle, providing you a big dose of kindness, happiness and laughter.

Bright Side is excited to introduce you to Zirinis' adorable comics that you'll definitely fall in love with!

1. We've all had days like this.

2. "Anything my wife wishes."

3. Vice versa

4. Being impolite may save your life!

5. You deserve some rest!

6. Do anything but don't touch it!

7. Spring festivals are coming soon!

8. Floating with excitement!

9. "You're all in good shape today!"

10. Creepy Taco Tuesday

11. When you've worked at a job for a long time:

12. These guys really hate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

13. When you're the only one with curly hair:

14. Love can even change King Kong.

15. Do any of these belong to you?

16. Fly, you fools!

17. "I'm thinking of wearing a name tag."

18. Trying to calculate how much money we need to live a good life.

19. Arguing with mom like:

Which of these illustrations did you like most? Share what you think of these amazing comics in the comments!

Preview photo credit handsoffmydinosaur / Instagram


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