A Groom Surprises His Bride With the Purrfect Gift, and Their Photos Might Leave You Smiling With Tenderness

4 years ago

Weddings are full of surprises and the story we are going to tell shows that you may even unexpectedly become a family of 3, not just 2. And it’s not anything dramatic like the groom trying to hide a child he already had, but because he carried out an awwdorable plan that helped him make his wife-to-be even more excited about their future life together.

If today or any other day you feel like you desperately need a cure for sadness, we at Bright Side prepared a recipe that no doctor knows about: just open this article. You won’t even notice the moment when your bad mood gets replaced with a huge smile.

Orion and Kaylee decided to invite a photographer to their first look photo session before the ceremony. And this looked like a perfect moment for the groom to make Kaylee’s dream come true. He shared his idea with the photographer, and she was super excited, saying “I was at work and I squealed!” She’s sure that this was the hardest secret she had to keep from Kaylee.

So, here she is — the bride, who is waiting for her future husband to come. She can’t see him or the gift he prepared for her. He touches her shoulder, she turns, and all we can see after this moment is the sweet shock and misty eyes of the bride.

And while they are hugging each other dearly, we see the small heart-shaped name tag of a new family member. It’s Chloe.

But there is something in this story that makes it even more wonderful. Orion and Kaylee had started to live together in their new home several months ago. And while Kaylee used to have a family cat and had a hard time leaving it, Orion didn’t want to have any pets.

But after a while, he changed his mind and decided to get a special gift for his love. He went to a shelter, but the workers turned him down because a lot of people tend to abandon pets who were given to them as gifts.

Luckily, he found 2 abandoned kitties near his house. His 92-year-old grandmother kept the kitty, who became the third member of their new family, for a week so the bride wouldn’t see it. The second kitty found a new home too.

You can see more photos here.

Would you want to receive a gift like this? Do you agree with the decision that the shelter workers made?


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