A Guy and His 95-Year-Old Grandma Are Proving That Age Is Just a Number When It Comes to Having Fun

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2 years ago

Instagram user Ross Smith and his 95-year-old grandmother are quite the internet sensation with their irreverent videos and photoshoots. Smith’s YouTube channel has 2.4 million subscribers while his Instagram presence pulls in another 2.5 million followers. But Smith says, it’s all because of his granny.

Bright Side brings you the happiest pictures of a 95-year-old woman and her grandson, and how their chemistry makes for an inspiring story for all.

Ross wanted the world to see his “fun” grandma.

Smith always found his grandmother to be loads of fun and wanted to share her bubbly personality with the world. So he decided to make the memories last by shooting videos and photos with her, with some other cast members joining in at times. But mostly, it’s just him and his granny, and he loves to show the world just how adorable she is.

A mix of impromptu and scripted content.

The videos on Smith’s various social media sites are sometimes an impromptu shoot, with just a general idea. And at other times, they are carefully scripted, for monetization as well. As Smith says, it’s a mix of both because they like to keep their followers entertained at all times. And of course, most of the photographs come with a theme and costume.

Granny loves interacting with people now.

Smith says that initially, the shoot and the whole setup used to be a bit overwhelming for his grandmother. But she caught on quickly and handles it all well today. The bonus is that she loves interacting with people and having all the fun, and she gets so many smiles along the way.

Initially, the family was a bit shocked.

When Smith and his grandmother began to make videos and do staged photoshoots most of the family was shocked at the beginning. Of course, now, Smith says, it’s become very normal for them so anything that Smith and his granny do is taken in stride by the rest of the family. But it’s only him and granny, the family is just the audience.

The content is a lot of hard work.

Smith also says that the content they create may look easy but is actually a very demanding process. A 3-5 minute video takes a week or 2 to make, and it’s an expensive undertaking as well. He went on to say that for the past 9 years, he has averaged 16-18 hour workdays. The good thing is that granny only does the fun bits.

Their fans lap it all up.

Most of their fans love the content and are very supportive of both Ross Smith and his beautiful granny. And Smith believes that they have been able to become this popular only because of the support of their fans. Many come and talk to them to share stories and a few laughs, and it is all worthwhile because of that.

Granny is a star.

Though the brains behind the video is mostly Smith, it’s granny who has become an internet sensation. Smith jokes that it’s her “white ’fro” that makes her instantly recognizable. And Smith would not want to have it any other way.

95 and going strong.

From Woody and Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story, to Russell and Mr. Fredricksen of Up, to even Jack and Rose from Titanic, Smith and his granny are getting better and bolder with their videos and pictures. And most fans can’t wait to see more. Despite being 95, Smith’s granny is unstoppable and full of zeal.

Do you also have some wonderful stories and pictures of you with your grandparents? Please share your inspiring stories with us.


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