A Guy on Twitter Rates Dogs So Hilariously, It Brought Him 7 Million Followers

3 years ago

The Twitter account called “We rate dogs” was started in 2015 by the student, Matt Nelson, who rated users’ dogs. In just several years it grew to have over 7 million subscribers and we definitely can see why!

We at Bright Side love our doggos, so it seems odd to score them with anything other than “perfect”. That’s until we saw Nelsons rating...

Parallel barking is a hard one.

Somebody, give him a paw!

Somebody’s waistline had been growing, eh?

Photogenic little devil

We don’t think they teach that in school...

When your pet asks for a pet...rock:

Pet the duet!

Highest score so far

He’s playing dress-up.

Did he bring his sleeping bag?

Tricky yoga poses

We feel you, girl.

So...how much is it?

Well, don’t put it on a milk carton.

He totally would stand his ground in the court of law.

Getting your priorities straight:

Single fatherhood is hard.

We see him winning a race in the future!

Support is key.

A shark in the making

Do you have different ratings for any of these adorable pups? Be sure to share your views in the comments below!


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My rating for these pictures is 20/20! Does anyone have a different rating for them?


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