A Japanese Man Got a 6 Pack After Playing a Video Game for 6 Months

3 years ago

Video games don’t usually require a lot of movement, except for a quick twiddling of the fingers. This is why not everyone agrees that video games should be labeled as an e-sport. But not all video games are made the same, as proven by one Japanese man who’s revealed an enviable body after playing a video game that actually makes you sweat.

Bright Side got some insight into the story of a young man who went viral after playing a video game every day.

It all began with a love for gaming.

24-year old Twitter user @_kz9, known as kzm or Kuzumu, is an anime-loving gamer who started playing the Ring Fit Adventure video game in November 2019. The game is an adventure game with a solid storyline, mini-games, and focused exercises that can be customized to the player’s liking. It comes with a ring-shaped console and leg strap which acts as a pedometer to monitor the player’s movements.

Commitment always pays off.

Kuzumu spends an hour playing the game every day, with 25 to 35 minutes being actual exercise activities. By July 2020, his body had changed drastically. He’s healthier, has lost weight, and gained muscle. He looks as if he’s been going to the gym every day.

A good diet is also important.

In less than a year, his old pants are now too loose for him. Of course, the key to this amazing achievement is not just doing the exercises, but also eating healthy food. Kuzumu makes sure that he eats meals with lots of protein to get a fit and healthy body.

Winners never quit.

Even after getting what looks like a perfectly fit body, Kuzumu continues playing this fitness game. After all, being healthy and having the body of your dreams requires maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While the game may be pretty costly at first, if the player is as dedicated as Kuzumu, the results seem to be worth it. It’s like having a personal trainer at your own home anytime you like.

Would you consider playing a video game that makes you exercise every day instead of doing traditional exercises? Share your before and after photos with us to show the results of your hard work, no matter which kind of exercise you choose to do!

Preview photo credit _kz9 / twitter, _kz9 / twitter


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Haha,I thought that he played a random videogame which tensed up his fingers and arms,not a fitness game. LOL


I have never thought those games that encourage your movement can actually be useful lol 😅


I need this game, seriously. As I sit at home a lot now, it's a perfect movement solution


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