A Lost Dog Comes to a Local Police Station to Say He’s Missing

4 years ago

When a 1-year-old German Shepherd named Chico ended up on the streets, he didn’t get scared or confused, howling out loud. He gathered all his knowledge and courage and did something that neither his owner nor policemen would expect.

Here at Bright Side, we can’t help but wonder what our furry family members are capable of. So scroll down to read an inspiring story about a lost dog with a happy ending.

Officers at the police station in Odessa, Texas couldn’t believe their eyes when at around 3 am, a German Shepherd walked into the office and put his front paws on the reception desk to hand himself in.

Chico had a collar but the information tag was missing, so it was impossible to identify its owner. The police station called animal control and while its team was on the way, the 1-year-old pup was hanging out at the station, getting lots of pets and playing with the workers.

But Chico decided not to wait for the animal control specialists and headed home to his sleeping human who had no idea his dog ran away. Police officers couldn’t get enough of the sweet pup, even though it was a night shift, and were impressed by his good behavior. They even came up with the joke that Chico came to apply for a K-9 position.

The pup ran home and the next morning the owner informed the police that it was his dog and that he was home, safe and sound. Chico’s house was about a mile away from the police station.

Do you stop if you see a dog or a cat in a collar, lost and all alone on the streets? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below!


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I can't believe this puppy did this. What a smart one!


I can't even image Chico owner's face after reading the news of this dog ?


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