A Man Stands for 6 Hours on a Flight for a Noble Reason

6 months ago

A viral tweet about one man’s gesture towards his wife has ignited a fierce debate on social media. There’s a picture attached to the tweet that shows a man standing on the aisle of an aircraft while a woman lies across 3 empty seats. The tweet has a powerful backstory, but despite it being totally positive, not everyone agrees that this is what we all may call “A true love.”

A noble act of the man has captivated the hearts of many.

One man has done an unusual deed in the name of love, but it has stirred quite a heat online. The unknown hero allegedly chose to stand for six long hours during a flight, so his wife could peacefully sleep across a row of three totally empty seats.

We all may have heard a song of Bruno Mars, who once sang, “I’d catch a grenade for you, Throw my hand on a blade for you, I’d jump in front of a train for you, You know I’d do anything for you.” And there might be one forgotten line to add, which would say, “I’d stand for six hours on a flight for you and give up the entire row of seats for you.”

And that’s actually what this man was spotted doing on a long and exhausting flight.

People were amazed by the man’s deed, but many of them were critical towards it.

A person named Courtney Lee Johnson has shared a photograph of the man’s romantic and selfless act on X, which went with a caption, “This guy stood up the whole six hours, so his wife could sleep. Now that is love.”

In the photo, a man can be seen standing right in the aisle of the plane. He is leaning on the tops of several seats, while a woman, supposedly his wife, is cozily sleeping on all three seats by lying down.

The photo quickly went viral on the Internet, collecting more than 13,000 likes and provoking tons of comments. However, opinions on the man’s act totally varied, with many questioning whether it truly showed “true love.”

One user got critical of the act and wrote, “This is not love, it’s toxic. Why will he stand for six hours, and she is not bothered?” Another agreed, “We need to let go of this idea of love that involves suffering.”

There were also a lot of people who questioned the validity of the claim made in the post. They said that a commercial flight could hardly let anybody stand in the aisle for six hours. One person wrote, “No one is allowed to stand and block the aisle for the duration of a flight. He would have been ordered to sit or taken off the flight.”

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