A Man’s Sweet Gesture for His Bald Girlfriend Took the Internet by Storm: Here’s Their Story

5 months ago

Love knows no bounds, and for Cody Ennis and Hannah Hosking of Waterford, Michigan, their journey of love transcended the ordinary and became intertwined with the strands of Ennis’s hair. A heartwarming tale of devotion and sacrifice, Ennis voluntarily embarked on a four-year hair-growing odyssey to gift his bald girlfriend, Hosking, a wig made from his flowing locks.

How they met each other.

Hosking, a resilient soul who has battled alopecia since childhood, found solace in wigs as her hair loss escalated in 2018. Little did she know that love, in the form of Ennis, was waiting just around the corner. In November 2019, their paths crossed, and Ennis, with his “9-to-5” haircut, soon found himself entangled in a commitment that would go beyond the typical gestures of love.

The decision to grow his hair out for Hosking arose after a casual conversation, where she playfully mentioned wanting 30 inches of hair. She jokingly warned Cody that it might take up to four years to achieve the length they wanted. But, without hesitation, Ennis took on the challenge, initiating a unique journey filled with care and countless YouTube tutorials on maintaining a healthy mane. Cody highlights that the decision to grow his hair out for Hannah wasn’t just a gesture of love but a symbol of unwavering support.

The haircut preparation

The couple diligently followed a hair care routine. They invested in quality products to wash and condition the hair. Ennis carefully braided his hair every day to promote healthy growth and even resorted to protective measures like silk bonnets to ensure the well-being of his hair. After nearly four years of dedication and as the hair reached the 30-inch mark, the couple enlisted the help of a professional barber to execute the delicate task of cutting the precious locks.

The final touch came from Florida Fancies, a skilled wigmaker who transformed Ennis’s hair into a stunning lace-front wig for $899. The couple carefully packaged each section of the cut hair, sending it to Florida to be crafted into the final masterpiece.

When the wig arrived.

The emotional climax of this unique love story arrived in a mail package, where Hosking received the meticulously crafted wig. Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, she shed tears at the culmination of their endeavor. To surprise Ennis, Hosking adorned herself with the wig, creating a moment that symbolized their enduring love and commitment.

Reflecting on the gift, Hannah remembers that receiving this gift was surreal, and it felt like a movie. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend dedicated so long of his life and his time to do this to her. Hannah says this act of love makes her feel comforted and safe. She now knows she has someone in her life who is willing to go the extra mile and go above and beyond.

Future plans

Cody playfully remembers that, at first, he thought that his devotion to growing his hair would make it more difficult for Hannah to breakup with him. But now, the couple dreams about their future together. And they are already planning to incorporate the wig into their wedding day. The gesture speaks volumes about the depth of their connection and the lengths Ennis is willing to go to make his beloved feel cherished and supported.

This extraordinary tale of love is true proof of the transformative power of love and the extraordinary lengths individuals are willing to go to for the ones they hold dear. Cody Ennis’s selfless act of growing, caring for, and ultimately parting with his hair exemplifies a love that goes beyond the surface, proving that true love is not only about shared moments but also about creating something beautiful for the one you love.


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