A Mom of 2 Reveals Her Husband Got Her a $10,000 BREAST SURGERY as a “Service Fee” for Giving Birth

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5 months ago

Hope Homa, 29, is a stay-at-home mom from Dallas, Texas. She is raising two kids with her husband, Dylan. The mom has recently gone viral on TikTok after she shared a video of her husband showing the bill for her breast surgery. Her story sparked a fierce debate in social media, and resonated with many moms around there.

Hope Homa has a special attitude to giving birth.

Hope Homa, 29, is a mother of two, who has her own vision on pregnancy and giving birth. She has recently taken to TikTok to tell people her family story, and people can’t stop talking about it in the comments to her video. The stay-at-home mom, who uses a handle @hope.homa on TikTok, suddenly went viral on the Internet. She shared a clip where her husband was holding up the paper which turned out to be a bill for her breast augmentation.

The woman received an unusual present from her husband.

Hope has revealed that her husband gave her a $10,000 breast surgery as a gift for giving birth. She joked that she wouldn’t give birth “for free”. She wrote in the text on the screen, “You gave him two children, so now he has to give you new breasts.”

In her clip, Hope noted that her breasts were “just sad” after she gave birth to her two kids. She added that she felt the postpartum procedure was a “fair trade.”

The video turned out to be so relatable for many moms.

Many users rushed to the comments section to share their own opinion on Hope’s story. The clip also helped many mothers to share how they actually had a similar experience while making agreements with their own husbands after giving birth. “It was in our verbal contract before pregnancy,” one user said.

“I asked for a mommy makeover after 4 kids: I earned it!” another mom commented. Another user expressed her opinion, writing, “If you nursed just remind him how much $$ you saved him by not buying formula and that money should go towards new breasts.”

While many moms admitted that they asked their partners about the same “reward”, one user shared that her husband was the first to show the initiative, and he suggested such an option for her before she gave birth.

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