A Nuclear Engineering Student Was Crowned Miss America and Impressed Everyone With Her Beauty

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Being beautiful is only one aspect of a woman’s life, as good looks alone aren’t enough to guarantee success. In fact, ambition is the path to success, while persistence and tenacity are the vehicles we arrive in. And the newly crowned Miss America, Grace Stanke, is a vivid example of what an ambitious, perseverant, and tenacious young woman is.

A new Miss America has been crowned.

Steven Senne/Associated Press/East News

Grace Stanke, a nuclear engineering student from Wisconsin, took home the glittering crown at the Mohegan Sun arena in Connecticut, making her the third woman from the state to win the title.
The gorgeous young lady donned an exquisite white gown as she smiled wide through all her emotions.

She’s studying nuclear energy.

While Miss Stanke enjoys competing in beauty pageants, her number one passion is science. She often voices her knack for the topic on her social media accounts, and proudly describes herself as a “nuclear nerd.” In fact, she is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This beauty has already worked at a few world-class research labs and as a co-op in nuclear fuels, and she was able to impress the judges with comments about nuclear energy.

Grace is also an avid violinist.

Stanke stunned the panel of judges with a spectacular violin solo during the talent portion of the competition. She delivered a jaw-dropping performance of the Antonio Vivaldi track, “Storm.”

The talented beauty began playing when she was only 8 years old, though she has admitted to shaking through performances. As she grew, she knew the only way to get over her anxiety was through more opportunities on stage, which led to her decision to participate in multiple beauty pageants as a teen. In addition, she stated that playing the instrument helped her as a nuclear engineer. “My violin has allowed me to come up with creative solutions to some really unusual engineering problems,” the skilled beauty said.

She has had victories in multiple pageants.

Getting involved with the Miss America Organization from the very early age of 13 allowed her to participate in many different beauty pageants. In fact, those stage appearances shaped her into the confident person she is today and helped her overcome her fear of playing her instrument in music contests.

She is also a competitive water skier.

Based on her Instagram account, Miss Stanke also loves water-skiing, hiking, and traveling. She is actually a competitive water skier on her school’s Division 1 team, and she doesn’t agree that women should put themselves in a single box. “I firmly believe that every single woman has the ability to have multiple identities and multiple personality traits,” she states.

She is also an environmental activist.

The brilliant University of Wisconsin student is also a bold environmental activist and wants to use her voice to bring light to hot topics, like climate change. In fact, she’d like to be a source of inspiration to others and be the person to cause that change in them, affecting generations to come. And her mission for the coming year during her reign is to promote “all forms of clean energy.”

Steven Senne/Associated Press/East News

What do you think of this beauty? Could you ever imagine a nuclear engineer winning the Miss America crown? We’d love to know your opinion in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit grace.stanke / Instagram, Steven Senne/Associated Press/East News


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Congrats to her 👏🏻! What an awesome young woman she is. I hope she's very successful in her message of clean energy in this next year in her role and after, as well as spreading information on climate change and supporting other women.


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