A Photographer Shows That a Smile Can Transform Our Face Like a Rainbow After the Rain

3 years ago

Imagine a world where every person you met greeted you with a smile. Australian photographer and travel guide, Jay Weinstein, gives us a glimpse of exactly what this kind of world would look like through his project entitled, “So I Asked Them to Smile.” What started out as a hesitant photograph in 2013, has blossomed into a rich gallery of transformational photos with a simple curl of the lips.

We at Bright Side found these photos charming and contagious, and we are beaming with excitement to share them with you!

1. “She was playing outside her home in the village of Kakhsar...”

2. “She was walking toward the Lavender metro station one hazy afternoon...”

3. “He was playing with his brothers in the family compound, having just returned from school...”

4. “He was waiting on the side of a dusty road...”

5. “He was walking along the stone Ghat steps...”

6. “She was exploring the stunningly restored, 1,300 year old, Kaiyuan Temple complex...”

7. “She was playing with her mom on a dirt lane off the main road...”

8. “He was walking down Mathura Road one morning...”

9. “She was with a group of dancers taking a break from recording a church choir music video...”

10. “He was walking down a street one afternoon with his family...”

11. “She was walking beneath the trees on the street next to the Jalan Besar Sports Centre one afternoon...”

12. “He was standing guard one morning outside Udaipur’s City Palace...”

13. “She was with a group of children and elders, one rainy afternoon...”

14. “He was walking down a colonnade of covered shops, restaurants, and cafes one afternoon...”

15. “She was walking with her family in Midland, as the sun set over the apartments...”

Do you believe that a simple smile can change the way we perceive a person? Would our world be a more friendly place if we all smiled more?

Preview photo credit soiaskedthemtosmile / Instagram


I look at the eyes and the furrows it makes, with mask on, if the person is smiling ?
Sadly that we can't see people smile when they are wearing facemasks

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